ETS 2 – Bilal Profile – Finished Save Game for 1.31

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Play with best Euro Truck Simulator 2 profile!

All map discovered, all garages bought. Even it doesn’t matter which map DLC you have! Wasn’t use any mod and cheat on this profile. Click download link below and use a perfect profile!

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Setup: Send to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles folder to RAR.



4 thoughts on “ETS 2 – Bilal Profile – Finished Save Game for 1.31

  1. TY!!!

  2. Thanks man for this amazing profile. I was waiting very long for a profile with quality like this one !!

    1. Thank you man for your beautiful comment.

  3. abi tek kelime ile M-U-H-T-E-Ş-E-M bir profil, helal olsun valla…

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