ETS 2 Flarepack


This mod includes:
– Replaced all flare textures in game
– 4 colours of street lapms(orange, white, cyan, yellow) (Knox_xss)
– Replaced some models of signs and readjusted their material files so that they reflect light from far distance(Supric or Atak_snajpera)
– Flares are seen from maximum distance
– Headlight beams are more realistic

extract’n’drop 🙂

This mod will not work correctly with ProMod map and any other containing modded street lamp models
All the adjustments and brightness are ment to work perfectly with Improved Weather by BlackOpen. The default weather and hdr settings may not bring such a result

Supric, Atak_snajpera, Knox_xss, Bra2S


14 Responses to ETS 2 Flarepack

  1. Faruk says:

    link does not work please upload to other sites

  2. Vasek says:

    SUPER!!! 100%

  3. DavyJones says:

    Please other hoster, cannot download from yandex

  4. Mostafa_pc says:

    good work guys

  5. aleksey says:

    Вау!Ты гений!Это можно приравнивать к Супер-графике.
    К черту все HD-графические моды,ребят.Ставьте этот мод и не пожалеете.Вы будите шокированы,в хорошем смысле этого слова.Поверьте мне.У меня стаж экспедитора более 5 лет и я знаю,что этот мод практически 100% с реальной средой.

  6. Baba says:


  7. Bra2S says:

    Alternative Link. Mods, please add it to the main description of the mod

  8. Sarkissian says:

    How does it work, if it works with the TSM map?
    Anybody tried??

  9. fabiano says:

    very good, fantastic

  10. GreekPlayer says:

    Thank you !

  11. BasH says:

    Can this awesome mod be updated for 1.18 & Scandinavia DLC?

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