Ets 2 Neoplan Starliner II 1.46.x

Hello everyone; We have decided to update the Neoplan Starliner2 mode, which has not been served to you for about 2 versions, again.

Project Owner:OyuncuyusBis Mods
1.46 Fix and Converting: Artin Kazanciyan


4 thoughts on “Ets 2 Neoplan Starliner II 1.46.x

  1. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – N. STARLiNER (Yolculuk + Update 1.46)


    Most of the community doesn’t even dare to open their mouths. Compared to the original, this Neoplan bus is just scrap, it looks completely different and should be improved again, nobody speaks against it. or the sound of the bus is junk. just like the bus itself, only embarrassingly only the mod. then clap. this bus mod in the side just shameful I only give the mod one star To me this bus is just junk like all other buses in the game no words.

    1. You know, unfortunately, I can say, I have almost 10 years of skills from OMSI 2. I´m not a moder, but after 10 years of disappointment, I´m paying attention to which community mod comes. And (again unfortunately) biggest “moders plants” comes from Turkey, Brasil, and Russia. Theese people seems to me, have no attention to quality at all. I´ve tried hundreds of mods from theese communities, and 9/10 mods were total junk. That one was most probably badly optimized, unfinished, or locked inside some m*therf*ckers internet hobo website, which drove me mad, and forced me to rage quit. Please people. I´m not a racist. I don´t have problem with any citizen from whatever country. When I was in university, I had turkish dorm mate, and I became friend with other people from Turkey, and girl from Turkish Kurdistan, who traveled here, to Slovakia with Erasmus+. They were all great, and I´ve spent a lot of good times with them, I only “hate” lot of low quality junk produced by some communities from some countries, whatever it´s for ETS 2, ATS, OMSI, Farming Simulator series (by the way French mods to FS series are no go for me, because they don´t care abouth interiors of the cars). Peace people, have a nice year, make love, not war. J

  3. Brava, condivido pienamente. Vorrei aver detto io . Ti voto.

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