ETS 2 Patch 1.4.1


What’s new in this update:


All new truck Iveco Stralis Hi-Way with tuning upgrades
Volvo: Fixed position of lights on the front grill, animations fixes, dashboard fixes, added oil indicator
DAF: fixed speed gauge display in UK trucks, fixed exhaust
Majestic: Fixed disappearing of the doorsteps
Renault: Fixed blinkers
Man: Fixed material issues
Fixed wrong lod on flat bed trailer
Overweight trailer: Fixed position of wheel and mudguards
Cistern trailer: Fixed position of wheel and mudguards
Log trailer: Added front white lights
Fix shadow casters for some upgrades
AI cars: the lamps are visible from greater distance at night
Fixed shader issues with auxilary lights for all trucks

Reworked force feedback feature
Engine torque simulation improvements. Idle throttle and clutch changes.
Many new physical properties added to the simulation model. All dashboard gauges are simulation based now
Vehicle telemetry information is available to third-party applications using a first version of ETS2 Telemetry SDK. Pilot testing with kind help of
There is config variable in console “g_pedal_clutch_range”, that can tweak clutch pedal active area length. Range is 0.1 to 1.0 (default value is 1.0)
Fuel consumption during engine idle fixed

Redesigned Job Market’s job listing to be able scroll through all jobs
The speed limiter can be now disabled in Options screen.
Added Advisor warning messages related to retarder, parking brake and air pressure warnings are not shown when gear is set to neutral.
Added new optional control scheme where steering, accelerator and brakes can all be controlled by mouse
Ferry route length displayed in the job selection.
Loan installments are properly rounded up and displayed, improved timing of loan payments
Upgrade shop does not automatically discard everything with change of cabin/chassis. Only non-compatible accessories are removed
There is config variable in console “g_income_factor”, that can lower job income of you and your drivers for more challenge. Range is 0.0 to 1.0 (default value is 1.0)
World map can be closed by same key that opens it (default key M)

Fixed navigation lines on UK variant roundabout
Hundreds map fixes, tweaking and prettyfications
A2 highway completed (as in real life 2 lane highway) including tollgates
New road leading south from Szczecin in Poland
Fix – added some no-weather areas placed under some bridges to avoid rain appearing there
Wrongly set border between France and Belgium fixed
Grass, terrains and rocks intersecting walls of some tunnels fixed
Tons of other minor map fixes

Prefabs tweaking (improved AI flow somewhat, major AI rewrite is coming later)
Less steep quarry prefab to lessen weaker engine trucks having problems when going uphill
New small tollgates in Poland on A2 road
Fixed animations of various pedestrians

Asynchronous loading smoothes speed of resource loading resources, reducing overall lag and “spikes” for more even framerate
It is possible to skip the intro animation using a -nointro parameter
Fixed garage name in player truck relocation UI
Rain probability in both corner values ensures infinite weather duration
Weather can change after time fast forward
The save slot selection is shown after profile selection if there was problem with automatic load
There is config variable in console “s_rumble_enabled”, that can enable/disable sound of rumble stripes on the roads
Increased range of non-linerity slider in controller option screen
Fix potential crash related to recent Nvidia Optimus drivers changes
Added more job-start autosaves
Improved robustness to mod removals
Improved behavior of input wizard
Improved efficiency of memory pool usage
Renamed game.log and game.crash files to game.log.txt and game.crash.txt
Improved behavior of non-widescreen resolutions while driving
Experimental support for triple-monitors. Controlled by r_multimon_mode cvar (0-disabled, 1-wide fov with ui on central monitor, 2 – three separate views). In the three-view mode it is possible to compensate for bezels using r_multimon_border_fov_* cvars
The game will reset jobs whenever it detects certain changes in data
Added Georgian language to the game

Money sound played only on important events
Air brake sound fixed

Game will pause when Steam overlay appears
Steam notifications are positioned on the opposite side of the screen than Route Advisor

New sector based map format which supports simultaneous modifications by more than one user and local extensions as long they operate in separate sectors.
Many definition lists (e.g. types of AI trucks) can be now simultaneously extended by more than one mod.
As result of multiple changes it is now possible to have more than one reverse speed in modded trucks.

DOWNLOAD 164 MB from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1
DOWNLOAD 338 MB from older to 1.4.1

95 thoughts on “ETS 2 Patch 1.4.1

  1. Don’t tell me it needs another verification…

    1. no you dont πŸ™‚ if you have original game πŸ™‚

  2. 1st – but we can only use the BASE Map

  3. True. The maps need to be converted to work in 1.4 update.


  5. When the converted map is possible to download and maybe in the one file

  6. does it need another verification? πŸ™‚

    1. SunnyChaser

      Nope ^^

      1. that’s a lie it need your product key to contine with the game

  7. does i need a product key

  8. what is the key code? please

    1. SunnyChaser

      Don’t ask that here, if you haven’t legally copy of the game, buy it

      1. I bought this game on Steam and i didn’t get a serial number. Any solutions?

        1. See in your Steam account.

    2. the key code is displayed on your cd thats if youve purchased the original game other wise tough luck

  9. whether patch 1.4.1 require verification code again?

    1. George Soares de Lima

      whether patch 1.4.1 require verification code again?

  10. That’s a pretty great update, not only does it fix a lot of little niggles, there’s a free new truck and improvement to some of the areas where mod support was somewhat lacking. The new ‘skipintro’ parameter will be invaluable for mod testing too.

    1. Michael Fase

      and there are airbrakes now. so you can run out of air. also with a steering whee lyour wheels stay in place when turning when standing still

    2. tapping ESC twice skips both the intros, it takes less than half a second

  11. It is unfortunate that no crack or code.

    1. buy it like everyone else these people work hard to give u some kind of entertainment

  12. Volvo new FH? or NO?

    1. Michael Fase

      hard too read isn’t it. everything that is added in this update is listed on the official ETS 2 update page

    2. No new Volvo. Only new truck in this patch is Iveco Stralis Hi-Way.

  13. do i need use EnvironmentSimulatingStudio_RED_Expert_2013 mod on in this version or no need anymore this mod

  14. Do 1.3.1 mods work in this patch (except map)?

  15. – old mods (except maps) still work
    there should be a new map system that the divides the map in multiple sections (so in theory multiple maps can be installed, as long as they don;t overwrite the same original)

    – Yes there is another serial check, if you have bought a serial, it’s no big deal. If you have a pirated game, deal with it and buy it.

    I really hoped that they fixed the Volvo rear fenders, they are way too high above the wheels. But they didn’t πŸ™

    1. I cant have eny mods in the new patch, the old mods dosent work. πŸ™

  16. Scania boy

    it dosent work for me + its a bug in the patch so i hope SCS will fix it !!

  17. So far so good, had to start a new profile (obviously) but managed to get a couple of mods working that i had in 1.3.1 so all good for me
    thanks, G

  18. LoneStar88

    But I just started the new TSM map…. why are they making me make these hard decisions haha. mods or no mods pretty much. Which to choose.

  19. Somebody have a serial ? to 1.4.1 ets 2 ??? Please write me !

    1. buy it cheap skate

  20. tsm no work in this patch, i hoop[e that tsm team make new version of map for this patch…

  21. My extra high beam lamp on the roof is not working as their should anymore!!

  22. BARNS2010

    great patch but still not fixed steering on ai traffic just make the wheels steer when they turn instead of then looking pulled round would make it more realistic


    somebody cand give me an verification cod for 1.4.1 version?? plzz

  24. You must turn all your lights back on I lost a profile with Europe Rebuilding map and the Cooliner by newS I guess it could have been worse

  25. why does mine ask me for the product key again when im using steam? i thought it wouldnt because it already knows its on my account. and now i cannot find the ets 2 product key in steam, because i dont think steam lets you see

    1. The patch isn’t available on Steam yet as far as I’m aware. It’ll probably be released tomorrow.

      1. Just to correct myself – 1.4.1 is available as a Steam beta, along with and 1.3.1s for mod testing, but it’s not been rolled out publically yet.

  26. David King

    My problem is I bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 from When I tried ti register my key with Stema they said code was already registered. My question is this I believe my code to be the legit one and someone has hijacked my code. Can I do this patch without Steam? And yes I have all receipts from Amazon showing my purchase and what I paid so I do not believe Amazon is at fault I believe Steam is but they say they have no clue how it could happen.

    1. Contact SCS if you have a problem like that. I had the same issue and messaged them and Im now sorted

  27. I’ve used the patch for few hours and is working fine.. runs quicker in busy traffic… I use net book and with extra traffic it used to slow the game with 1.3.1….. Now. It’s fast enough…. Maps don’t work which am sure would annoy the makers with a few coming out before this did… Probably deliberate… As far as mods concern interiors and skins work as usual… Had problem with. Ultimate truck shop or whatever it called….snow plough end up on front of truck which can only be seen from inside cabin and I never added It… Had to sell the truck to get rid of it. You can’t delete mods if another truck in ya garage uses it… Game won’t load to play… Most mods I’ve got worked… I’ll give the patch 8/ 10

  28. Notes for modders: So far I’ve spotted a couple of new features.

    In engine .def files, the ‘volume’ parameter is now mandatory, and is the capacity of the engine (ie. 15.6 for the Scania V8).

    In truck / accessory .def files, there is a new array named ‘require’. This makes an accessory type unremovable, only used so far for the Stralis HiWay 4×2 chassis, with its unremovable sideskirts and exhaust.

    It’s now possible to use multiple traffic mods at once, if they’re made for 1.4.1. Instead of overwriting truck_traffic_storage.sii, create a new file named as follows: truck_traffic_storage.MOD_NAME.sii
    where MOD_NAME is a unique name for your mod.
    For example:
    In this new file, you just need your new @include line, and not the original game’s lines.

    This new naming method works with lots of other files like traffic_storage.sii, trailer_storage.sii, city.sii, company.sii, cargo.sii, country.sii, and possibly even more commonly conflicting files. It should really help remove a lot of problems with using multiple mods (once the mods are updated to 1.4.1).

  29. How Do You Install The Patch To The Game Exactly ?

    1. matthew try to copy this update to the directory where the game is installed-it should contain base_scs file-and run it from there.

  30. For those not getting the update to run, The update looks for the original exe icon to be without any memory alterations (mm_pool_size xxxx.exe) that you may have made to get more memory space.
    Look under the following file
    (mine is) C:\Program Files\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\Eurotruck2.exe.
    Run the update(it takes about 45 min) then run a new profile save the first run and then you can reinstall the memory files as you had them before.
    unfortunately due to the rearranged method of map sectors, NONE of the existing maps upto 1.3.1 will work!!!!!!!.
    Map makers GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARDS AND REDO ALL THE MAPS FOR US PLEASE. On the scs site they have a detailed description on how to alter the maps to make them work!!!!

  31. Hello. I installed the Dub and have the problem that goes no more mod and the map 3.0 either. Anyone have solution.

    I have original game, of course.

  32. It gives that error to me after the install is done: ,what need to do?

    1. do you buy licence in game or is pirate license

    2. you need to check your administrator section. it saying you do not have the rights to alter files

  33. Sorry, its not working. Youtube removed it.

  34. Help! Mouse steering doesn’t work anymore?
    Only left-arrow and right-arrow move the steering wheel but this is far too rough!
    Can anyone help please?

  35. i deed not have to use my code to run the patch
    but when i drive around in the standard map ( new game) allmost non of the light signals on the roads ( red, yellow, green)Works there is a glitch in this update needs to be fixed, can camp in a traficjam at most signals for hours and still does not turn green

    1. see james note below to alleviate this problem. Its the mods!!!!!

  36. Beware of this scrap.
    This patch should be banned has been twice my game to crash
    brought and had to reinstall. Map not function as well as many mods
    not more. Those who prefer to stay with his maps and mods should stay away from the patch.

    1. Michael Fase

      if the mods let your game crash it’s not SCS’s fault.

    2. trucker richy

      dumbass it is not SCS fault that your mods make it crash, try using your head before opening your mouth, you might learn something

  37. many bugs in the game

  38. trucker richy

    If you notice any bugs go scs forum and report it. Quite simple really you just take a picture of the bug you see in the game, and post it in the correct forum page, instead of sitting in here whineing like lost kids

  39. K.Michael

    trouble with the patch, I bought this through Steam and accidentally deleted the e-mail with the activation key. SCS sent me a reply saying I needed to send them my file after trying to activate and they would send a replacement. Hope this helps others,

  40. Humpfester

    The patch is great imho and all the 73 mods I had installed in 1.3.1 work fine in this version, except the the map mod I had installed, but that’ll be resolved by the map makers.

  41. SCS announced the newmap-systemfor this patch months ago. This new system can allow multiple maps at the same time in the future.

    And now everybody’s pissed that the makers of current maps don’t have an update within half a day…

    1. trucker richy

      I totally agree with you mate, bunch of ######

  42. Map makers, please bring some good maps to play in 1.4.1 game version

  43. le geek du jeu

    trop long le mod du new fh

  44. why they don’t add org tendam to transport with it not just 18Wheels and why not wagon like another game an older one they get all in one start small and be a very big trans, what do you think??

  45. Bug? Every time I select keyboard+mouse steering when starting a new profile, the only thing the mouse can do is pan from left to right, right mousebutton AND left mouse button, NO steering at all! I have to use keyboard arrows to tun the wheels.
    After selecting keyboard+mouse steering I have to manually change this in options, only after that the game works properly?

  46. since there have been so many changes to the code the stop light problem is caused by the mods you are using.I deactivated all my modes for the update and the stop light problem went away. suggest you start the update without mods and add them slowly. The big problem is the new saves checker, it will show them all on a crash list with a red mark in the corner, pick the latest one and load it and resave. The red mark goes away,but you need to do this to all them to get rid of this screen.

  47. just another comment- I was using the realistic physics v4 and the toll gate ended inoperative. I wonder what problems will show up when new map mods start getting launched by modders. The overall improvements scs has made to the map are impressive. Too bad the busses in the game do not use the bus stations. The truck engine sounds are impressive and the high rev ability is cool for gear jammers like me.
    I am finding distracted driving is really a bummer espically with the rumble road strips.

  48. NEW UPDATE VERSION 1.43 (Beta)

  49. It’s nothing to be proud of, to be honest. Instead of being a retarded #### you could show some respect by (at least) shutting yourself up.

    We, who actually buy games we like, are keeping the industry running. Without us there will be NO products for you to steal and enjoy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not been that white and fluffy myself and I basically don’t care if generally greedy bastards like EA or (new) Codies get some scene treatment. But such relatively small and diligent studios like SCS don’t deserve that.

    So, please, keep your porkchop intake manifold shut and go do something valuable.

    1. It was meant for

      conducteur @ July 11, 2013 at 4:28 am

      but basically applies to anyone who falls in his category.

      1. lol!! well said

      2. LOL it’s true

  50. this patch messes youre game…. if you dont want to get rid off 1.3.1 dont install this ####!!! it ruined my game(cant run it on new instalation).

    1. trucker richy

      @ trucker the reason it messes your game is not the patch. The majority of the issues are mod related, not patch related. A lot of mods do work with 1.4.1 like company mods and some truck skins, not all do though, and no maps work at all. Try starting a new profile without any map mods and you should be fine.

      Trucker Richy

      1. i didnt use any map mods… i’m not that ###### and i know what they wrote in description.

        Im back on 1.3.1 with Eu Rebuilding map. i dont care if they will relice the DLC… i wont get back on 1.4.1…

    2. The patch description says “New sector based map format”.

      Everybody should be thinking “maybe the old map format does not work anymore, maybe thΓ‘t’s the problem.”

      But no, download and play immediately without reading, and the whine “it doesn’t work anymore, the patch is ####”.

      1. trucker richy

        @ Bart lol they always whine, they have nothing better to do

        1. i dont whine…. i know what i saw and i wont change my mind about that patch…. i’ve red the description and didnt use any maps but only company mod and tested mods (by me) that works with 1.4.1

          and you trucker richy stop talking bullshit..i dont play this fricking game all day lie most people here…i have a normal life

          1. trucker richy

            But I have to say though Trucker, you say you were not whineing, I disagree. Looked to me like you had totally threw your rattle out of your pram mate lol

  51. sedsosedso

    How do i install the update onto the game, i didnt buy it on Steam i bought it from a disk in GAME, sorry for the inconvenience

  52. patch dont work with trucksimap 3.0??

    1. conducteur

      no!! it does not work!! wait until a new version of trucksimap is released!!

  53. most of the mods don’t work now including the truck shop v8-1, either crashes the game when clicking on the tabs or says corrupted saves

  54. roadrunner

    having a few problems with the accessories i can change any thing on my truck will i have to uninstall all my 1.3.1 mods now

  55. I have been doing the thing with all updates and such. I am up to 1.4.5 and the main game is running on my system fine. The biggest part of updating from this point is ALL the 131 maps and below are now trash for those improving the game. That being said,SCS has put soooo many checks and balances into starting the game, by helping those who make changes to the profiles they have, that now if you make ANY changes to the profile mods that effect any or all the save you have made in a major way they now send you to a different country for a safe start of the save you wanted to run again!!!!!!. I was in GERMANY and they sent me to ENGLAND for a safe start of the save, even after I reset all requested profile mods I was missing for that save.
    The only way I have to get back to germany now is to get a shipment there or go to a dealer in germany of a truck I dont yet have and BUY it IF I HAVE THE MONEY!!!!!. They do not give you a choice of where they send you and that is WRONG.
    Do not get me wrong but these beta updates are getting on my nerves, They ask for problems found but no way to rollback the updates without starting over (BIG PROBLEM NOT YET FOR ANY UPDATE!!!
    The only way I have found to correct all the errored saves(red ! in corner) is to load it, then resave it( If I dont get sent to another country for the profile changes I make on another save.)
    ***********Are there others who have found this issue with the update system?

    1. You are sent to your main garage. If you chose England while you want to be in Germany that’s your own fault.

      That the modding system of ETS2 is really unstable, I agree with you. Modding has become something for advanced users because of all the inproper mods that are around. But YOU choose to install mods, that’s not SCS’s fault so don’t blame them.

  56. θ–›ι£ž

    Seemingly not cracked versions?

  57. simon melkert

    Waar slaat dit op??? ik had t spel al een keer geupdated, toen had ik geen code nodig, spel opnieuw op mn pc gezet en weer geupdatad, nu heb ik een code nodig, die code van de 1.1.1 werkt niet, en werkt ook niet meer op de 1.1.1, graag code erbij zetten, zo heb je er niks aan, nu kan je neit spelen omdat je die code nodig heb.

  58. when i could put the patch i downloaded

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