ETS 2 Patch 1.7.1


Hotfix 1.7.1
fixed crash on freight market when too many jobs were generated (mods only)
fixed rare crash that sometimes happened with air horn usage
fixed incorrect trailer placement when automatic parking was used in Trameri Warszaw
fixed engine displacement volumes for Volvo and Iveco

DOWNLOAD 9 MB from 1.7.0

19 thoughts on “ETS 2 Patch 1.7.1

  1. Is this patch going to work with TSM map? Because on TSM site they posted that it a beta and you need to remove all their products.


    1. It´s no longer a beta. You can install.

      1. Thanks

  2. nice my market crashes all the time now fixed thanks

    1. TruckerGuy135

      why should we?

  3. Could you make the trailers closer to the cab on the New FH Volvo please? 4×2 6×2-4 have a look

  4. No install for my.

  5. hız sabitleme 90 da takılı nasıl hız limiti aşabiliriz

  6. ümit, if you undersnand english then you must deselect option panel in the game the truck speedlimiter you take off select in box.

  7. Game team, I have question. Is someone convert old pmg and similar files in newer format. In game still has lot of older format pmg files what needs to convert newer then game load faster. Thanks

    1. sry wrong place

  8. and sry but can nex time make iveco trruck engine a little bit lowder then hear better engine sound in cabin and maybe make traffic sound too little bit lowder. Very sry but is possible move side mirror position so that can see better left wheel position in cab view

    1. se puede instalar el pach en la version Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.7.0s (DLC Going East????
      por que cuando le doy instalar el patch 1.7.1 sale un mensaje y no lo puedo instalar.

  9. the air how is not fix i have had is 2 times

  10. it needs a product key…..(T .T_)

  11. is it fixing my truck that always pink painted although i’ve make a change??

  12. Can you continue to play with mods in 1.7.1 (my profile?) or do I need another profile from the begining?

  13. patch ini bisa di modding gak dengan audi rs4….!!! thanks…

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