ETS 2 Update 1.10.1



– Support for metallic paintjobs
– Fixed possible rare hang or crash
– Physics parameters of the fifth wheel are configurable in physics.sii

– Updated accessories to support paintjobs
– Corrected speed limits in Austria, Belgium and Germany
– Tweaked prices and unlock levels of some accessories
– Fixed acceleration of traffic
– Tweaked accessories of traffic trucks (badges, mirrors and sunshields)
– Fixed various bugs in truck and trailer models

DOWNLOAD 670 MB from old version [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 670 MB from old version [Uploadfiles]

DOWNLOAD 19 MB from version [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 19 MB from version [Uploadfiles]

16 thoughts on “ETS 2 Update 1.10.1

  1. Че за ХРЕНЬ!?

  2. Братишка,друг!Сделай пожалуйста так,чтобы при столкновении(аварии),были вмятины на автомобилях(после аварии).И те же автомобили,что столкнулись с твоим грузовиком не ехали тут же дальше.
    Я думаю,что для этого скорей всего придется делать еще один ПАТЧ.Но это будет поверь-Красиво!

  3. English, please…
    “download from old version”: this means this one replaces 1.8xx?
    If so, should I do this? I hear 1.8xx is better than 1.9xx…

    1. Forgot to mention: I’m using TSM 4.6. Is this new version of ETS compatible with this?

      1. Hi.

        Yes it replaces v1.8xx

        Be warned though – The default Physics in v1.9 and 1.10.1, are not very realistic.

        The best Physics Mod for v1.9 and 1.10.1 is “Realistic Physics Mod v8.0.1 (by KacaK”

        To correct the unrealistic Cab roll in this particular physics mod, change the value “cabin_max_roll_angle” to 7 or 8.

        Works for me and I’m running v1.10.1

        You will also need TSM v 4.7.2 for this. patch.

        Also – If you’re running the Promods Map – You’ll need v162

        Hope this helps…

        Best wishes…


  4. R.J.Verbeek (NL)

    the update is not compatible with World of trucks

  5. nice can next time include Ultimate Physics v7.0 or that similar in game. Please add game real europe gas station and company logos

  6. So when version are getting updated,compabilities are increasing?

  7. Ayoub Elhannouni

    Pleas , Activation Key OR Crack

    1. You won’t get that here- Go buy it you PIRATE!!!

      1. Ayoub Elhannouni

        I have not got it thanks to duty 7mar

  8. also , if you use this new patch and jazzycat mods for AI traffic, then there is a weird bug where some car textures are red until the cars are really close to you, i would wait to update until jazzycat can fix his textures

  9. Trucker Melli

    attention! many truck shops and tuning mods don`t work with this patch, there are problems with textures (new metallic paint) ……

  10. when can see in ai car like limo car in game

  11. esta bueno

  12. woooooooooow extraordinaire

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