ETS 2 Update 1.15.1


New in this update:

– New Exclusive interior for DAF Euro 6
– New sounds for Scania 6 cylinder engines
– New sounds for Iveco Highway and Iveco Stralis
– Support for different dashboard computer back-light colors
– Significantly faster autosaving

Showroom updates:
– New interface for showrooms
– New showroom interior
– New look for small truck dealers

Gameplay improvements:
– Interior camera motion feature – camera can now simulate movements of the player’s body and motion of the truck seat
– Smart cruise control – retarder will now be used automatically
– Trailer brake
– Support for second reverse gear for custom H-Shifter layouts
– Support for Holiday Special content

DOWNLOAD 892 MB from old version [Patches-scrolls]
DOWNLOAD 868 MB from old version [Speedmaniacs]

DOWNLOAD 79 MB from 1.14.2 version [Patches-scrolls]
DOWNLOAD 79 MB from 1.14.2 version [Speedmaniacs]

36 thoughts on “ETS 2 Update 1.15.1

  1. Its ok with TSM 5.3 ?

    1. Yep, Steam works well major mods from 1.14.2

    2. miracles0032

      This also I want to know!

    3. Hello, not yet, TSM announcing, that with 5.3 the Game will crash.
      You can have a Look on their Website for announcing or wait, until the Patch is here ready to load.

  2. No! Doesn´t work with TSM 5.3!

  3. Compatible whit tsm 5.3

    1. Must be some other mods conflicting there, i’m using TSM 5.3 with newly updated Rus Map v1.4.5 without problem

      1. Sorry the replay was for the one above

        1. TSM says on their site, that the 5.3 isn´t compatible with Patch 1.15.

          1. yes, I get a C2D whenever I get near a small dealership in both ProMods and TSM

  4. Thanks
    Now we must wait for TSM update.

  5. Good i will try.

  6. my pc Doesn´t work with TSM 5.3 new patch.
    2 new reinstalls. sick of it.

  7. breizhdave


    promod 1.81 and rus map 1.4.5 works???

    thank you

  8. Peterbilt 389

    Problem, ich habe keine Auftraege mehr seit dem Update. TSM map ist auch nicht aktiviert. Wo steckt der Wurm?

    1. Versuch mal ein neues Profil zu starten. Hatte sowas auch schon,denke da kann man nichts mehr machen…sry! 🙁

  9. how to change dashboard computer back-light colors?

  10. TSM 5.3 doesnt work well its have many bugs

  11. Peterbilt 389

    TBLP danke fuer den tip, werde es versuchen

  12. trailers disappear when I update the game from 1.14.2 to 1.15.1, all mods disabled from profile and still no trailers in the game in both companies and fright market and job market !!!

  13. RoadTrucker

    This version has a lot of bugs!!! I dissable all mods but wen i get to a showroom the game crash! Anyone else have this problem

    1. i have the same problems as roadtrucker all mods i have dissable and if i can buy truck in showroom game crash

  14. Hello, i`ve got the same problems. After updating to 1.15 there is no cargo or trailers in the game. I`ve start a new profile whitout any mods and now it`s okay. I was in level 31 and now i must start in level 1 but it`s no problem i like truck driving 🙂
    I hope the next update is okay, good luck men of scs it`s a very beautyful game, go one and i wish all of you a blessed Christmas time and a happy new year.

  15. @ Arjan go to forum, help question, V 1.15 read my post and follow the steps and the cargo will be back as its should be and continue driving from your current level…

    1. Rizqi_eRGe

      @ghass72 what the name of you sir? I could find your name same in this page in ETS 2 forum. can you give me the link of your post in that forum?

  16. @ Rizqi_eRGe mine is the 3rd post & thats the link

    1. Rizqi_eRGe

      @ghass72 I have been did folllow your steps, but until now I couldn’t found a job at jobmarket sir.

  17. ets2 1.15.1s crash when entering truck dealers please help

  18. Please … do not have the CD key to version 1.15.1 ??

  19. SÜPER

    1. John_Dalton

      Orkun kardeş serial keyi versene ya bulamadım bi türlü

  20. i have not a productkey to 1.15

  21. Hey guys,

    Do u know why i can’t update my ets 2 to 1.15.1 version? Is this update still beta version, or it is for World of Trucks? Please somebody explain me:)

  22. Hey guys, i just want to ask you how to change the dashboard computer back light? It says in the description that you can, but i haven’t found a option to change it. Thanks in advance.

  23. anyone there with the activation code for version 1.15.1 ?

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