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ETS 2 Update 1.5.2


Truck interiors appropriate for selected cabin type
Several new cars in the AI traffic
Lot of map tweaks especially in German/Poland area

Improved upgrade shop (addons and wheels handling, interiors) – you may encounter unexpected changes when shop is fixing your truck state
Fixed pedestrians disappearing
Fixed driver logs
Polished automatic gearbox logic
Consumption gauge and air pressure screen on Scania dashboard
Hazard warning made independent of blinkers

Steering sensitivity slider range increased (both directions)
Steering non-linearity properly used with mouse
Added rumble stripe sound check-box so that it’s possible to switch it off

DOWNLOAD 70 MB from 1.4.x to 1.5.2 (Patches-Scrolls)
DOWNLOAD 70 MB from 1.4.x to 1.5.2 (GamersHell)

DOWNLOAD 398 MB from any older version to 1.5.2 (Patches-Scrolls)
DOWNLOAD 398 MB from any older version to 1.5.2 (GamersHell)

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66 Responses to ETS 2 Update 1.5.2

  1. JA says:

    Also, this update is required to use “Going East! DLC”.

  2. shagrathliviu says:

    just to little for this update, i hope is official from the company, because i can’t imagine that somebody would make such a update..because there are more phisics mods and are better than this…and for an update…to be important, i think it would have more than just some upgrades than it can be found here..see ya!

  3. james says:

    New profiles probably needed!
    Here we go again. After you start up this new update the following will probably happen:
    1. Most mods will have to have a new profile to run existing map mods, probably due to the AI upgrade.
    2. I have promods map 1.0.1 working but had to start new profile and am testing the other mods I used on the old 1.4.12. So far no crashes. Csution:::: Make a backup of all profiles and game program files just as a precaution, I had no problems with the upgrade, and I always back mine up first.
    Sorry for the bad info but it seems more normal now with all the upgrades we are having.
    Hope all the mods coming out are compatible with 1.5.2 to save the modders grief and make their time worth while.
    Happy Haulin

  4. TFM says:

    They won’t stop until they’ve disgusted all the modders.
    Then they can control everything… and the game will die in obscurity.

    I will stick with 1.4.12 for now.

    • JA says:

      Yeah, you’re right. They don’t want people to mod the game. That’s why they have a mod folder and give modding tools on their website.

  5. Evox says:

    They could send the FH4 ! grr

  6. Pasilius says:

    I for one haven’t had a single issue with this patch. And I’m running about 25 mods at the moment

  7. human says:

    Can tell what Several new cars in the AI traffic is

  8. Baba says:

    Several new cars in the AI traffic ?

    wrong game ?

  9. J says:

    Only a few issues I had;
    Steering sensitivity had reset, and I needed to fine tune it again to just how it was (+/-) for over 180 hours game time clocked.

    I never had drivers not finding work, I know others had it but never me, after update three in the course of two days couldn’t find work.

    No mods taken down, I’ve run it on two profiles, one with ProMods and the other stock map, with several mods on, on both accounts.

  10. MaLiXs says:

    dont know why but my game crash every time i Try to load a game – even without any mod and start a new game

  11. J says:

    Check if it reset any graphics settings you had.

    • Truck driver robin says:

      and how do i do that ? ( im not that smart XD ) …

      • J says:

        I’m not smart either, but I had in mind you’d just look at them and see if anything changed, try setting them somewhere in the middle and see if it works, then you can start raising them one by one and observe, eventually you’ll probe your way to the limit of your system.

        You should also try to run it using OpenGL and not Direct3D. Since you’re not using any mods this is where I’d look for the issue, somewhere in your graphics having been reset to a level higher than you could actually run.

  12. Baba says:

    disable AU Cars….

  13. Taxman says:

    How do you delete and goes back to ??
    I don´t like it.

    • Bernie says:

      You can´t reset the game from 1.5.2 to 1.4.12. Save your profile and delete your current version. Install 1.4.12 new and paste your saved profile.

      • Denni says:

        How do you do that Bernie?
        The new patch don´t work for me, and there is absolutly no errors, or something else.
        Så how do you save the profile, and delete current?

  14. RICHARD says:

    I DON’t have a problem WITH THIS MOd… notice a mini in traffic… also small not vans but flat back ones… forgot what they’re called… can use all the mods i’ve been using previously… notice the steering little more sensitive… and frame rate slightly slower, maybe did summat with the graphics but overall got no complaints yet… and the tsm map works fine

    • J says:

      It seems others have noticed issues with graphics as well. I hope whoever has issues forwards them to SCS for observation and correction.

    • james says:

      did you start out a new profile on the old maps and mods with the new update. I had too. Its just easier that way

  15. james says:

    Best way I found is remove all mods and try the new update by its self to see if it is working. the download my have had a file. if it crashes yet redownload the update

    • Truck driver robin says:

      nothing works … it opens , i click on a new made save and it turns black and it crashes ….. F*CKing update

      thx for youre help by the way !!

  16. RICHARD says:

    yeah.. just checked my graphics… still the same…

  17. RICHARD says:

    no… just used the same profile

  18. trucker says:

    what about TRUcksimap!!?? if anyone tried this patch with TSM 4.0.3 please give us a return!! thanks

  19. Taxman says:

    That is difficult.I bought it from Steam

  20. Glejdi says:

    anyone have the crack of 2.5.1????

  21. youri says:

    game works just fine after update 1.5.1 ( 1.4.12 to 1.5.1 from the css site down links ) .

    i have more than 20 mods active , i did the update with al the mods active and started to play without crashes or game/profile losses and all mods worked stil fine . (pool size is on 1200 ) . all update’s from 1.5 worked fine and i run the game all graphics full .
    a smal list from my active mods :
    ETS2 141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver 2 by Scanreg
    EU Map
    Heavier Trailer
    Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 (1.4.1+) (by KacaK)
    truck shop V4 +V7+V8+ couple more truckshops
    and +- 10 skins

    grtz 😉

  22. David says:

    Ok removed all my mods with update, so nothing in mod folder at all. Had to start all over again with profile. Went to physically visit truck dealer (have tried all of them) and game crashes. Video stuff set the same as was before and unfortunately game is auto-updated by Steam. So now what a patch to fix the patch. Unfortunately just got Trucksims map to work and I know it will not now with update.

  23. george says:

    if the game crash most likely they are trying to update a cracked version of the game , js 😛

  24. BLiNKT says:

    I install this update over 1.4.1 i use TSM MAP 4 and all work fine with my old save game i just install first update 1.4.12 than this update and run game than again check all mods and than run my old save game and all working perfect without crashing

  25. Strelok says:

    Crash the game after update? BUY THE GAME!!!

  26. DAF says:

    I can not install it how to do please help ?

  27. Dennis says:

    When I tried to visit each truck dealer, the game crashed…I cannot even purchase a truck from the dealer..
    What happened? No mods were installed!

  28. Алексей says:

    Полная Хрень!У меня версия Все работает,все приобретается.Но не один мод не принимает.Сразу игра вылетает.Показывает,что сторонние моды конфликтуют с дефолтовыми.Без модов-обнов-наворотов игра скучна.Нужно начать новую игру-ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО-под новым профилем.

  29. Karim says:

    PLSSS HELP, When i install it it loads a bit then it shows an error saying that cant move files .. i have v1.4.12 plss help :’-(

  30. Taxman says:

    Steam sucks

  31. simon melkert says:


  32. krukass says:

    -Waarom werkt TSM 4 map wel, en promods 10 niet
    met deze “update”?

  33. Human says:


    • james says:

      One problem about installing updates and patches is that the game start icon(the eurotrucks2 application) that some people have changed by adding (-mm_pool_xxxx) to help with the memory, has to be changed back to the original wording or the patches will not initiate, because this is what the patch looks for to identify the files it needs to change.

  34. TomaSis says:

    I’m using the patch without any problens, using all the mods I used in 1.4+ (with the same warnings) and can’t see any difference, ok the air pressure bar is in scania but where is the Consumption gauge? even the cabin looks the same to me, buy a new scania and don’t see any difference at all

  35. james says:

    Just an update from a DLC user: The following result have been shown using the following maps:
    1. AWIB works with 1.5.2 but not with the DLC portion. no need to start new profile is using 1.4.12 prior.
    2. Promod Scandinavian map works fine with 1.5.2 and the DLC portion. No need to start new profile if used 1.4.12 prior.
    3. Rebuild Europe works with 1.5.2 but not the DLC portion. No need to start new profile is used 1.4.12 prior
    4. Romanian map works with 1.5.2 but not the DLC portion. no need to start new profile if used 1.4.12 prior
    5. Russian map 2.0 works fine with 1.5.2 and the DLC does not show up on the map. No need to start new profile if used 1.4.12 prior.
    Those users who have downloaded the new DLC, will find on most maps using Europe as the base map that the roads are not connected even though they show up on the map. The only map that has been successful is the Promod Scandinavian map, because they probably got an advance copy to test.
    It frustrating to see these results, and maybe the designers of the maps will update the maps in the future.
    It too bad that you cannot turn off the DLC because they attached it to the main map instead of making it a mod you could switch on or off.
    The only good portion of getting the DLC is to use it by itself with the base map and no other map in combination. The graphics are really well done.
    The only mod that I have found that crashed the game was the NO TOll GATE MOD that removed the arm at the toll gates. They updated the Toll gates some how and now its not working but only on the maps that have the DLC attached to the map, this is the second time an update did this
    Well I hope this brings some things to light about the good and bad about the DLC upgrade.
    Good luck modders as most mods do work on 1.5.2 if they worked on 1.4.12.
    Bye for now and happy truckin

  36. steve uk says:

    updated from 1.4.12 no problems at all, all the mods i had installed still work fine. the tsm map 4 also works no prob. have not noticed any change in graphics performance so far (used it for 6 hours yesterday) mini car and ford transit type pick-up truck added ti AI traffic. my steering seems a little more responsive as well.

    • J says:

      They adjusted the sensitivity slider and the non-linearity of the steering, to me this was a nightmare because I already had my setup that I got used to over many many hours of driving and then they changed it up.

  37. YO says:

    Help pls ! when i install the patch it gives me an error saying cant move or delete files and it stops it loads for a little i have v1412 help

  38. Genooyd says:

    We now have a environmental feature when you brake firmly?

    The engine rpm drops to idle and falls completely silent.

    I also get an ERROR [al] Failed to read and decode sound packet.
    This is strange as I can hear all the sound effects of the transmission shifting down when
    lifting throttle and/or braking gently or braking with the retarder.

    • Genooyd says:

      OK, solved.

      The “error [al]Failed to read and decode sound packet” was caused by
      a missing soundfile and parameters in the interior.sii in my engines soundmod: rumblestripe.ogg
      This is a new (sound) option with the patch.

      The engine rpm dropping to idle when braking firmly must be the “Polished automatic gearbox logic”
      thing. This feature seems to decouple the engine from the transmission when the rpm drops below 1000
      by braking at high(er) speeds. Or something.

    • TomaSis says:

      @Genooyd I had the same error and it was caused by the EnvironmentSound_1.0, isn’t working anymore with the new patch, I deleted him and the error goes away

      • Genooyd says:


        LOL I was still patting myself on my back for solving the error when
        I saw the error[al]Failed to read and decode sound packet still appeared
        in the gamelog. So it wasn’t the rumblestripes.

        Unfortunately I don’t use the [MOD-ETS2] EnvironmentSound 1.0.scs
        So no quick fix. But thanks for thinking along.

        I think…I hope… its the enginesoundmod.
        I’ll deactivate it to see if the error goes away.
        If yes, then I’ll have to compare the original MAN sii-files from the base.scs
        with the enginesoundmod MAN sii-files line by line. Nice.

        Or are you saying that the ‘old’ ogg-soundfiles are not compatible anymore as the error
        seems to suggest?

  39. Genooyd says:

    Yeah, that error is GONE.

    In the enginesoundmod the gear_change.ogg and gear_air_1.ogg were bad.
    How? You cant play them in WMP.
    Opened them in Audacity – there they were working – export them and threw them back in the scsfiles.

    Hope this helps someone else with an Error[al]Failed to read and decode sound packet.

  40. Denni says:

    Does anyone know how to go back to patch 1.4.12?
    The new patch don´t work for me, no errors or anything ells at all.
    Have tried without mods, but it still don´t work
    I saw someone talkt about save the profile, and delete the current, but how do you do that? Anyone?

  41. Александр says:

    всем здравствуйте.ключ не найти.сохраняете папку мод и профиль,удаляете игру и качаете новую v 1.5.2 (http://www.torrentino.com/torrents/1968691) вставляете в новую игру папку мод и профиль и все OK.карта Восточный экспресс в 2.0

  42. chayton says:

    you a filipino man?

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