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ETS 2 Update 1.6.1


New in this update:

– Fixed crash when a truck uses addons from removed mods
– Increased length of input in UI related to World of Trucks accounts

DOWNLOAD 8 MB from 1.6 to 1.6.1
DOWNLOAD 79 MB from 1.5.2 to 1.6.1

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31 Responses to ETS 2 Update 1.6.1

  1. torben says:

    next update includes new volvo please

  2. asmir says:

    Does this version run on Windows XP Service Pack 3?

  3. chicco says:

    when will the multiplayer?

  4. Verbatim says:

    Buy the game you cheapskate, seriously if you want to use ALL the features you WILL need to buy a legit copy as SCS are linking your Game with their online account system, illegal games will be stopped as “cracked” games only work on the user end, not the SCS server end.
    It doesn’t cost an awful lot and is cheaper when deals come about. I’ve seen it for less than £9.00!
    The cost of a pizza is nothing compared to the effort gone into this game.
    Rant over

  5. torben says:

    buy the game = cd key

  6. Denni says:

    Now it happens again!
    My game crash after installing the update :/

  7. elite says:

    Thanks a lot mate!!

  8. elite says:

    Thanks a lot mate!!

  9. matty jones says:

    WTF? why do ya give them free accounts and cracked files? when its only 5 quid on gamersgate! i mean seriously 5 quid! that gets a small burger and chips at burger etc and if ya cant afford a fiver for a game that is legit and gives hours of fun then i hav no sympathy for ya.

  10. TomaSis says:

    so far works fine, I just can’t use the new “airhorn”, don’t hear them, use the key “N” but nothing, any clue !!

    • J says:

      Do you have an airhorn installed on the truck?

      • TomaSis says:

        yes I’ve 4, 2Thunder and 2tone

        • J says:

          You should make a save and then try taking them off and putting them back on one by one and testing. It could be that the game doesn’t recognize those that have been put on before the update and it could also be that the game doesn’t know how to handle multiple horn types.

          My best idea, I don’t use them much on my trucks except for a screamer on my old Stralis.

  11. Sven M says:

    Admin take this BS down

  12. Gamer says:

    many thanks mate!!

  13. Kurt says:

    Worked fine for me mate thanks for the up.

  14. torben says:

    ADMIN kick that a……… out this is how you destroy a great game

  15. jovan says:

    if it asks for cd key just turn of your network and start game again

  16. stef says:

    it works just fine, thanks for the link

  17. enrique borda solorzano says:

    quiero descargar no se puede so lo pongo en archivo de descarga y sale otra pestaña fuera del internet

  18. Truckerdude says:

    Admin… please make sure game leechers are not fed with cracked game keys ect.. if we wanna continue play a great game poeple need to start buying stuff.. if you too lazy to work to earn your money to pay for these things.. stop playing the game

  19. Thomas says:


    Have problems when I upgrade to 1.6.1. My Man trucks are luminous red. someone who can help? I can not change the color of Man trucks.

  20. Baba says:


    Volov FH Series and the new FH 16

  21. NK speed diesel says:

    can any one guide me how to install this update please

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