ETS 2 Update 1.6


New in this update:

– World of Trucks site launched
– Photo Studio – includes Photo-mode and Screenshot Manager allowing upload of your best screenshots to World of Trucks
– Online profiles – ability to connect your profile to your World of Trucks account
– New Iveco Stralis Hi-Way sounds recorded from actual truck
– Individual air-horn sounds
– Realistic fuel consumption option
– Adaptive automatic transmission option
– Shorter jobs generation probability increased
– License plate changes fixed

DOWNLOAD 77 MB from 1.5.2 to 1.6
DOWNLOAD 461 MB from older version to 1.6

51 thoughts on “ETS 2 Update 1.6

  1. Why did you put the Volvo image if the truck is not included ?

  2. Sorry, our mistake

  3. beautiful Volvo….

    y must be SCS beta tester

    and now its over to play without key

  4. is it works well? dont need any cracks?

    1. buy the ###### game, if u haven’t

    2. You are enjoying a game that keeps giving free content to those who actually bought it and will keep doing it. And you can’t buy the game that you so enjoy? Hmm

    3. Buy the ###### game you creep

  5. How can i download it?

  6. it won’t patch from 1.5.2

  7. how about the mods ?? do they still working for this patch?

    1. Which mods specifically? Since I’m a Steam user I get no choice if to update, but so far things work no problem.

    2. the realistic trailer texture pack 1.8.2 doesn’t work on 1.6.

      Daf PASCAR sound mod does work 🙂

  8. works fine upgraded from 1.5

  9. make sure you have the game start set to the original setting without the (mem) portion added on. It looks for this to do the update. You can change it back after the update.

  10. Is TSM new maps works in new update when I use moment gameversion 1.5.2 and TSM 4.1.1 map mods

    1. MrEtsTrucker

      Everything works fine!

  11. made a custom license plate #### dont see it in the game. how come ???

  12. Good!
    When there VOLVO FH 2013?

  13. great update. already uploaded some pics, and to those moaning that it does not work. “buy the ###### game”! it is not that expensive and if you do not support the makers,there would be no games to moan about. comprendo….

  14. with dlc steam how to update

    1. yeah how to update with dlc steam someone say it updates automatic but for me doesnt update

      1. Go to Steam library, right click the game and click Properties, there click on Updates and see if it’s set to auto-update.

        And please don’t be upset if I ask how do you know it’s not updated? It’s a subtle change and if you didn’t pay attention and tried to find the new Volvo, it’s not in this update yet.

        1. Weird, what system are you on? You can try to go to Properties again and go to the Betas tab and check the drop down list there, it should contain “Temporary 1.6.0 for incompatible…” maybe Steam deems your system incompatible still?

          But I would wait a bit, maybe it will catch on on its own.

        2. what is thew name of the steam library and which file name i click properties

          1. What? I’m sorry but sometimes I feel the questions here are just attempts to troll.

            On the odd chance that you really don’t know or get it I’ll explain.
            If you have bought the game through Steam, you have Steam and in Steam there are tabs; Store, Library, Community…

            You click on Library, see Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the list on the left, right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 and then Properties.

  15. nobody is moaning about it were are just saying so take a chill pill

  16. got my photo and customized number plate first time of trying… cool

  17. ive download both files and when i go to install them its coming up with error my 1.5.2 is in a scs folder witch i download should it make a different or am i doing something wrong can anyone help please thanks in advance

    1. Why both files? One is if you are updating to 1.6 from 1.5.2 and the other if you are updating from an older version than 1.5.2. Make sure you know which you need.

  18. Hi, how to install?

    1. “I’m 12 years old and what is this?”

  19. i have the 1.5.2 installed and ive tried the 1.6 from the 1.5.2 and it comes up saying error

    1. Since you said you got both files, I think you may have run the wrong patch first.

      1. the patch won’t run because it says error when i go to run the patch it say’s it can not find the game ive even put it in the game folder its self and its still saying the same

        1. Reinstall the game, apply the proper patch this time.

  20. MrEtsTrucker
  21. Reinstall the game, apply the proper patch this time.

  22. Geht es auch mit tsm map

    1. That was already asked and answered, yes.

  23. No working this patch.

    MY PATCH 1.5.2+DLC

    1. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  24. same problem for me

    1. This is no longer the place to discuss it, if you have a problem with a Steam version of the game it would be better if you turn to the Steam forums or to Steam directly with it.

      I have little knowledge of the intricate workings of Steam and if what I told you didn’t work then your chances are better there.

      I had Steam Version 1.5.2 with Going East DLC and it was updated before I even saw the post here about there being a patch.

  25. watch out, when u synch your game with WoTr account, your map progress may wipe if you’re using TSM

  26. Hi
    I got version 1.5.2. Gives error when I am installing the version .6.0. Because what??

  27. Hi
    I got version 1.5.2. Gives error when I am installing the version .6.0. Because what??

  28. pls help me! i dont have steam version. but it gives me error when i run patch saying that this steam version of ets 2 doesnt support this patch. pls help!

  29. how to install 1.6.1 released this thing !

  30. What is ets studio please is it for making skins ?

    1. Sorry I got this wrong I know now guys

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