ETS 2 Update

update changelog:
– All-new Scania Streamline truck model

DOWNLOAD 496 MB from old version
DOWNLOAD 20 MB from 1.7.1 version

32 thoughts on “ETS 2 Update

  1. super thanks. If possible can bring in game tandem truck and trailer(is only tandem truck or that support hook up) in some future updates

  2. make a pickup truck mod [nissan]

    1. or an mitsubishi l200 and chevrolet

  3. Metaltom68

    this update error

  4. TruckerGuy135

    can someone please ban this guy, no kidding BUY THE GAME

    1. Ban this effin guy, BUY IT

    2. Deputydawg

      He must not care about driving around with pink trucks

      1. Eyang Chubur

        LOL….i never see truck pinks….

    3. A High Hamster

      Hes just one of thoses people who dont care about the game, unlike some of the veteran scs trucking game players who have played almost all there games

  5. Will this cause problems with savegame from a 1.7.0 ?
    If so then the update not worth it just for new scania model…
    Aint starting the game new all over again.

    1. Why so negative? Since when do updates f*ck with your save games? I’ve got every update ever out there and I never needed a new profile.

      SCS would never do that, they know that we build careers, we buy garages, we drive thousands of virtual miles, not to have them erased.

  6. Truck looks ugly but gonna download it anyway

  7. If there are problems in the game are to be observed with every update something:

    – Remove all your mods
    – Download update only on

    I can not really something with this update beginning.

    I think the truck (so evil, it is also called) is a bit unnecessary. The truck looks basically exactly like the normal Scania. A few accessories has this already, but this I do not necessarily immediately stimulating to update.

    1. The thing is people are very detail loving, so if the Streamline is an advanced model of Scania people want it, despite how little it differs.

      Since Iveco and Volvo got their new models so Scania got theirs, and soon DAF Euro 6. To be honest having tried the Streamline it felt a bit unnecessary to me as well, especially sing I wouldn’t buy the V8 version and thus the biggest change of the interiour special edition V8 isn’t for me.

  8. here is a solution, BUY THE GAME TO GET SUPPORT

    1. Well, my game & DLC is bought and paid for, but after the update I observe some pink Volvo AI’s driving around…

      [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/f3/c257bff859588c3ffe95de423cf4d32571aa6d.mat” in the read_only mode
      [resource_task] Can not open ‘/automat/f3/c257bff859588c3ffe95de423cf4d32571aa6d.mat’
      [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/73/d2ec3a129f55e0f8ed293a3b1907b8736c9e42.mat” in the read_only mode
      [resource_task] Can not open ‘/automat/73/d2ec3a129f55e0f8ed293a3b1907b8736c9e42.mat’

    2. screw you !

  9. i don’t care for this update ! i will wait for 1.9 with improved Ai and maybe daf euro 6

  10. A new profile and no mods.

    In quick job, when you filter on Volvo, the ‘classic’ Volvo cab’s are normally colored, but the new ones are brightly colored redish/pinkish/orange.
    When you pick one and drive it, the cab is normally colored.

    And I *don’t * have * a * cracked * game!

  11. Why is this patch big 20Mb? On the original site from ETS2 is only 10Mb.

  12. it’s okay, it says 10Mb but it’s 20Mb after i downloaded , sorry guys ….

  13. The Update works fine with all my mods.
    – please add truck not only 15,50m but 18m and 25m
    – Give us a right weight ladder of trucks we don’t know what’s give a 21 22 25 Tons trailer, this should be readable.
    – When it’s raining we can use the system cleaner not only one position but 3 speed.
    – Give us ##### trucks can be use with paints and colors ( mean on the base truck include.
    – Let us use our own trailers ( we have simply to grab the Load ) it suite more the profile of truckers in ETS.
    i think there is million little ideas can make this simulator very interesting.
    hope you hear us.


    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      #### this is not the SCS site, buddy..

      and they do not visit here..

    2. the trucks arer 16.75 meters and the wieght is the load ONLY. the trailer itself is also around 7 tonnes and the nyou also have the truck itself which is a few tonnes. everything added up to each other it is around 40 tonnes. the legal max load limit in most european countries

    3. i’d like that but how can they hear us and more they did it in an older scs game you can buy your own trailers with contracts and …, i don’t knew why why they stop it 🙁

  14. I did an offline activation on

    Started the game and the ultra-bright red-ish new Volvo cabins are painted normal again.
    Must have been a glitch in the online validation check when running the update.

  15. HELP please!!!!!!!!! i updated the game, the game is uploading and at one moment it crushes uith mods and without mods HELPPPPP!1

  16. MaxJohanssonSweden

    please come with MegaMod to Scania StreamLine And Tandem mods, to all lorries but wish you to come with a megamod to Scania Streamline
    A great desire!

  17. paul hodgson

    hi not sure if anyone else is having a problem but since i installed update my game keeps crashing anyone got any ideas please.

    1. Update is out and
      ◾Fixed crash with new Volvo in UK


  18. где низкие и высокие кабины interior ? теперь я не могу вернуть на 1.7.1 feller показывает, fack

  19. help please i need krek v

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