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ETS 2 Update


– Fixed crash with new Volvo in UK

DOWNLOAD 497 MB from old version
DOWNLOAD 8 MB from version

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11 Responses to ETS 2 Update

  1. MidnightRider says:

    Buy the game you bloody #####!

  2. Human says:

    Magnum, buy a game and get then activation code.

    I want ask is that possible to make the game so that I can choose myself where folder take my music in game?

  3. Human says:

    OK dont must answer, sry I posted question too early. I know now how get all music in different folder and one big file

  4. Human says:

    Game Team I have question can add some military bases in game and then can deliver them cargos and between them, thanks

  5. Human says:

    Hy is possible to make game or already have game support the packed mod I mean so that I pack example 10 different mod in one pack and then put in mod folder. Then I less space my Hard drive?

  6. Gwoon_paul says:

    I updated the game with te patch. I start the game and need an activationcode. Where can I find this or can I uninstall this update?

  7. Ets2 says:

    gives me error

  8. Ets2 says:

    What are his?

  9. redda says:


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