ETS 2 – Yandex Navigator for ProMods

This mod simulates your in-vehicle navigation screen to Yandex Navigator.

Navigation screen colors, arrow and map icons have been changed.

Your GPS navigation screen will look more realistic now.

Brightness Settings: Press F4 and change your Dashboard Backlight setting.

To use with ProMods: “Yandex Navigator for ProMods” to give it high priority. Now you can use it with ProMods.

Compatible with ProMods 2.40 version.

Sinagrit Baba


3 thoughts on “ETS 2 – Yandex Navigator for ProMods

  1. I’m confused… how can this be compatible with promods 2.4 if promods 2.4 isn’t compatible with the game version which supports the voice navigation?

    1. Are you serious? Come on! It is not voice mod.

      1. My bad, all these voice nav mods everywhere lately I stupidly assumed this was also one

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