ETS2 1.33 “Beyond The Baltic Sea” 99.99% Explored Save File

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ETS2 1.33.2s 99.99% Explored Save File

Level 165 (Legend)
996 Million €
Max Skills
Bought & Upgraded All 157 Garages
Discovered All Recruitment Agencies, Companies & Truck Dealers

[All DLCs Are Required]
I Honestly Could Not Find That 00.01% Piece

Mounir Ben


10 thoughts on “ETS2 1.33 “Beyond The Baltic Sea” 99.99% Explored Save File

  1. iTzSplashed

    the last 0,01% are on the road from Wolmar to Rezekne

  2. Christian

    the last percent are on the road from munich to the autobahn 6
    the other is the highway cross southbound from st peterburg
    another is the garage in catanzaro
    and the last is the road from wolmar to rezekne

    1. Peterbilt281

      Found Them All 🙂 Except For The Highway Cross Southbound From St. Petersburg” Can You Give Some More Details About It? Thank You! I Will Re-upload The Save.

  3. l'ours BZH

    comment on fait pour que cela fonctionne ?

    1. Peterbilt281

      Extract The Folder “42656e” To:
      C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\

  4. Please Save 100% map explored American Truck Simulator

    1. Peterbilt281

      I Don’t Play ATS.

  5. can i play without dlc? can u make pls a version without dlc

    1. Peterbilt281

      You Can Download The Full Game With All DLCs:

  6. Peterbilt281

    ETS2 v1.34 100% Explored Save Game Profile (The Baltic Sea):
    ATS v1.34 100% Explored Save Game Profile (Oregon):

    Download ETS2 :
    Download ATS :

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