ETS2 Boost Launcher (Soft Edition)

ETS2 Boost Launcher (Soft Edition)
What is this script and what is do?
This is special batch script created special for ETS2 in future i will make for ATS too. This script shutdown necessary processes,increase overall performance of computer, improve FPS in game and make game run in High Priority for better performance,fps,loading….etc
Script work automatically so you not need press anything just run and thats all. After you finish playing script will automatically restore all settings. For now i made script to work only with Steam version of ETS2

What is the difference Hardcore Edition vs. Soft Edition?

Hardcore Edition
-More closed processes
-Better performance
-Uploaded only on my Patreon website

Soft Edition
-Close windows explorer and few other processes
-Little improvements in performance
-Uploaded only on

For Hardcore version visit my Patreon website



11 thoughts on “ETS2 Boost Launcher (Soft Edition)

  1. Lost+the+side+mirrors+on+my+trucks+from+internal+view.++Thought+that+when+you+quit+everything+resorts+back.++Not+the+case+for+me.++How+do+I+get+my+mirrors+back?++Not+cool.

    1. This script not have anything with your mirrors and with ingame things and other mods its a windows script for performance and cant change anything ingame 😉

  2. Sorry it wasn’t your mod. Someone else’s .

  3. As for me the mod works properly. Game runs a little bit smoother. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for good report. Im happy its work for you. You must try ######## version its much better

  4. victor198134

    куда устанавливать?????

    1. You not need install just exctract script to desktop and run it

  5. ETS2 Boost Launcher (######## Version) v1.1 is OUT
    Changelog is included

    Download only on my Patreon page

    Only ######## Version will be updated in future…Soft version not get any updates maybe fixes but not improvements

  6. Lol, script kiddies now sell process killing bats through patreon, what a time to be alive

  7. It really works, I’m really happy about it.
    Thank you very much.

    1. You welcome my friend and thanks for great report. If you want you can try ######## version too 😉

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