ETS2 Bus Skin Mod of Portuguese Football Teams

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Bus Skin Mod de autocarros/ônibus de equipas de futebol de Portugal
Bus Skin Mod of portuguese football teams

SL Benfica
FC Porto
Sporting CP
FC Os Belenenses (fantasy)
FC Boavista
SC Braga
VSC Guimarães
VFC Setúbal
AAC Académica (fantasy)
FC Marítimo (fantasy)

Bus available on Scania dealers

Tested on ETS2 1.32

EAA v5 Bus Mod (not sure)

SCS Euro Truck Simulator 2
EAA Bus Mod
LinuX – Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 GS DD mod
LS Mods – base skin mod and update to 1.32.

M Cross


4 thoughts on “ETS2 Bus Skin Mod of Portuguese Football Teams

  1. ###: “Tested on ETS2 1.32” ?
    You know, that we have 1.35 ? LOL

  2. Yes I do, lol. I tested it on 1.32 because i am using Promods and tsm maps and afaik i needed to revert to 1.32 to use both. Maybe someone will try it before i do on 1.35…

  3. jimmy7kyr

    This is a truck driving simulation game, not a bus simulation…stop ruinnig the game

  4. NÃo funciona na versÃo 1.35+x

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