ETS2 Effect update


Only For Version 1.25.1 and lower
[86 & 64 bit]
this version Not have Ambient occlusion “HBAO”

Changes in this version:
-Depth of Field
-Lens dirt
-Gaussian Anamflare
-Chapman Lens

Note: [ Sure disable game default “HDR” ]

-Color Effect
-SMAA (Without blurring) can disable game default MLAA & Color correction

Can Disable & Enable All Effect to “Scroll Lock” key

Extract to: “Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin” and open (“win_x86 [by effect]” or “win_x64 [by effect]”) and Run.

Thanks for download

please don’t upload again

Nice 2000


6 Responses to ETS2 Effect update

  1. BARIS says:

    İlk çalışman daha güzel olmuş RESHDE FRANK adlı çalışman daha başarılı.Bu çalışmanda başrılı anck çok fazla parlaklık ve yansıma mevcut çalışmalarının devamını bekliyoruz çok güzel işler bunlar saygılar..

  2. lol says:

    looks like those sci-fi movies which have a lot of annoying lens flares lol

    • Nice 2000 says:

      you must disable game default “HDR” in game settings

      In the new version would be better effects

  3. barıs says:

    RESHADE FRANK adlı modu deneyin çok daha başarılı

  4. DigitalX says:

    Looks alright so far in my game, how do I disable the “rainbow lights effect” that I am seeing? Sorry I don’t know what it’s called. They shine out from light sources.

    • Nice 2000 says:

      Yes is not function properly, the next version will remove it

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