ETS2 Extra Economy v 1.0

Are you looking for a better economy that gives, a more challenging environment along with far gameplay. With this mod, you will find that we have overhauled the in-game economy, AI traffic data, bank data, and police data. Additional to this we have added over 947 different types of cargo including SASq special cargo packages and fully compatible with promods 2.32 and Jazzcat cargo mods.

Main Features:
The minimum income is approx. 0.24€/km to for Quick jobs, at least 0.40€/km for Freight market jobs and for cargo jobs 0.50€/km. (Note: Quick jobs work for the AI and players pay to start with).
New loan system with integrated co-insurance, loans will increase at every level. (up to 2,420,000€ at level 65).
The bank will offer you 55000€ as your first loan when you have completed 20 quick jobs.
New fines system, fines will increase at every level. (up to level 70)
Reconfigured all of the different cargo in the mod so that the special cargo has much more value over stranded cargo.
Increased xp need for leveling up for longer gameplay.
Abandoned job fine set to 13,200€
Due to low income, fuel economy and truck damage are very important and you should maintain them as low as possible, a single accident can cause you big problems.
Integrated AI traffic modification to increase density and AI behaver.

More than 1,281 different peace of cargo, Including all of SASq cargo packages and Jazzcat Railway Cargo packages have been integrated into this package.
Trailers now unlock at level 4 instead of level 5.
Players fixed revenue is 213€.
Job distance limit increased 50km per level
Made changes to reword bonuses for each cartage.
Increased the weight of the Special Transport DLC to no less than 30 tones to 120tones max
Day/night-time is synchronized with the actual time of year
Increased tuneage for the Heavy Cargo DLC to be no less than 35t up to and including 135t
Updated fuel prices based on real-world data.

Garage and AI information…..
AI drivers will now level up to level 30 and will generate a minimum of 150€/day (income will increase with AI skills).
Truck Refund at 35%
Fuel Discount at 15%
Price of a small garage at 495,000€
Price garage upgrade at 880,000€.
Driver hire cost 1100
Minimal driver salary 171
AI Driver revenue per km 0.24€ to 38€

Mod Comparability
Compatible with promods v2.32 [].
Works with and is compatible with Jazzcat military package v2.9 [].
Compatible with Jazzcat trailers and cargo package v7.4.2 [].

Please don’t use this mod with old profiles. You may encounter level downgrade. (You will not receive points for leveling until you reach the number of used skills) This mod has been tested using the above mods only and has been found to work without any problems and with a clean game log. We can not guarantee that our mod will work with any other mod that makes changes to AI traffic, bank data, fines, and other map packs.

Justin Dodson (Mod developer)
Gary Sherwood (Mod Tester)
Jazzcat (Trailer and cargo packages)
SASq (Special cargo packages)
gabrijel202 (cargo)


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