ETS2 Full Save Game for 1.40 FULL MAP DLC [TruckersMP-Singleplayer]

ETS2 1.40 version is the full save game, it is required to have all map dlc’s.

– 1.40 Version
– Adapted to new Germany design and 2 France cities discovered.
– Money: €581,982,027,776
– Level 44 King of the Road (195,330 XP)
– Max Skills
– All Upper Garages Unlocked (182 garages)
– All Truck Dealers Unlocked (176 dealers)
– All Recruitment Agency Discovered (176 recruitment agency)
– All Map and Cities 100% Discovered
– Working on Multiplayer (MP)
Installation > My Documentry > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Profiles > put the 4D45582056616E696C6C61205361766547616D65 file.

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3 thoughts on “ETS2 Full Save Game for 1.40 FULL MAP DLC [TruckersMP-Singleplayer]

  1. Volvo_Driver

    Hi, do you plan full save for Iberia as well? And for American Truck Sim.? Thanks.

    1. mexiumut

      Hi, i have that save in my plans. In both Iberia and American Truck Simulator Full Map savings will come.

  2. the saves wont work

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