[ETS2] High Quality Dashboard – DAF 2021 XG & XG+

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/!\ This mod has been reworked from scratch once again since SCS added new resolution in 1.46 game version /!\

This modification adds quality and makes the dashboard of the New Generation DAF 2021 XG & XG+ more realistic.
Visual changes:

– Improved dashboard text size

– Added some visual elements (speed limit indicator, refill in about, etc)

– Added missing indicator for speed (EU version)

– Added missing indicator for RPM (EU & UK version)

– New Cruise Control Indicator
Known issues:

– Speed indicator indicate 110 KM/h when reach 120 KM/h on gauge.

Patch compatibility: 1.47.x; 1.46.x;

Connection order: Any order! Doesn’t create incompatibilities!

Mod compatibility: New Generation DAF 2021 XG & XG+

Changelog V2.3:
Added compatibility for 1.46.x / 1.47.x game version
Added QoL elements on dashboard

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