ETS2 Save game

In this savegame: 34 647 300 EUR and 10 level.

Author: Yusufgokkurt


5 Responses to ETS2 Save game

  1. dovidas says:

    geras modas bet kad rusiskas isaugotas zaidimas

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      And that means?

      Can you please write in english so more persons can understand?

  2. Jhonny says:

    4 real.. Who the hell wants to listen to your radiochannels??? Do NOT add other files than the profile folder….

  3. Jhonny says:

    WORST save game I’ve seen… U cheated to get some money and level – yet you lost 45 grand…. Not even close to be worth downloading

  4. alex says:

    da merge

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