ETS2 Local Radio v 1.18.0

New in this version:

This version features an improved mobile experience, so it’s easier to control ATS/ETS2 Local Radio from your phone (example). Just go to the URL shown on in ATS/ETS2 Local Radio server and click the “Connect to another device” item in the menu. Or, for Android users, download the app: (it makes sure your screen doesn’t turn off)

ETS2/ATS Local Radio plays radio from where you are, in ETS2. Feel the immersion when the Swedish radio plays in Sweden, and the Polish radio in Poland. It will switch automatically, while also allowing you to switch stations while driving. You can switch using the web interface, your keyboard, your controller and your mobile phone.

ATS/ETS2 Local Radio contains over 600 radio stations that you could realistically listen to if you were driving in that actual country. Most national radio stations are included; see the full list at the bottom of this page. It does not include radio stations that you would not be able to receive over FM or DAB in that country, like TruckersFM. However, you can add those yourself if you so desire.

Supported maps:

ETS2: Default, Going East, Scandinavia, France, ProMods, RusMap, Southern Russia, Project Balkans*, Egypt Add-on, YKS Turkey*, Russian Open Spaces*, The Great Steppe and Italy Map. *Disabled by default

ATS: California, Nevada, Arizona.

It’s available in over 20 languages!



4 thoughts on “ETS2 Local Radio v 1.18.0

  1. na somebody pelase help?

    Hi. Great mod, but can someone help me please. I can’t get it the website to work on my iPhone or iPad, it keeps on timing out. Can somebody please help me?

    1. check the URL and connection, try a different device/browser

  2. best radio just got better

  3. CuzImMark

    what should I make somewhere a video what I should make or should I simply add to ets2 the folder?

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