ETS2 Local Radio v1.9.0

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ETS2 Local Radio plays radio from where you are in ETS2. Driving in France? French radio will be available. It will switch automatically, and allow you to switch stations while driving. It also adds static when a station is far away (like when you try to listen to Dutch radio in Antwerp). You can easily switch radio stations with another device (like your phone), controller or keyboard.

This version readds support for Chrome and Opera, and updates a whole lot of languages.

Currently supported: ETS2 (all DLCs), ProMods, RusMap, Project Balkans, Egypt Addon, Southern Region Map and ATS.
It also works with TruckersMP.

Please check the readme for the installation instructions, as the installation is different from other mods!



2 thoughts on “ETS2 Local Radio v1.9.0

  1. Hello, it is very good but can you make a version for MAC OS X please? Thank you

  2. How to deinstall?

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