ETS2 Mods Bus Skin Pack Russia Fifa World Cup 2018 Bus Skin Pack

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bus skin is developing, wait some day’s. all bus skin is related russia world cup 2018
football, HD texture, and Using High quality image all skin pack.
don’t reupload this mods please download original link. world cup russia 18

how to installed:
Just active Irizar mods and enjoy bus and skin pack,

this bus get mercedez bus dealer.



4 Responses to ETS2 Mods Bus Skin Pack Russia Fifa World Cup 2018 Bus Skin Pack

  1. TomDooley says:

    No, just no. This isn’t Euro Bus Simulator. This is Euro TRUCK Simulator. Get your facts straight and upload this mod somewhere else.

    • dfwoiefjwefweoi says:

      You seem offended about other people wanting to mod the game to their own liking.

  2. Bhagwant123 says:

    Hey man what is your problem why you say this this euro truck simulator not euro bus simulator of course this is euro truck simulator but we have bored to drive truck so we want drive other vehicles also let him upload mod for euro truck simulator please don’t criticised.

    • JoachimK says:

      Go and buy Bus Simulator 2019.
      TomDooley is right.
      Finally, here are too much Buses and f*****g Cars…

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