Ets2 Pagani Huayra Bc Sports Car

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If we come to the characteristics of the vehicle:
1) There are 8 adeet interiors in the vehicle and 8 exterior depending on it.
2) There is a ao mapping.
3) There are modifiable disk firenler booties.
4) The car model is of very good quality (Proect cars are taken from the game.

Now we should write down what passed on: D;
Animations: Mert Kerem Belen / By_KeReM (I thank him very much when I had problems with my problems)
Helpful in every way: FurkanSevke (Thank you very much for helping me)
Umut Uzunkaş: Why I started the car: p
Vehicle testers: Shamil Varan and Tolga Duyar 🙂 (Thank you Sizede.)
Game Transporter: Kadir Yağız

Game Convert: Kadir Yağız


21 thoughts on “Ets2 Pagani Huayra Bc Sports Car

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. tigre-one

    You are welcome game 1.26

  3. sounds?

    1. I actually have the same question! Where be da #### sounds? They could make the model great (Even tho stolen…), all the needed animations and so on, but if they could do all that, why couldn’t they do one of the easier things, the sounds?

  4. It becomes more and more weird. This game and the roads arent made for this kind of cars. Why not make a van or a estate car? This would fit the game much better.

    1. True….

      1. Hello, kenzy,
        you are right. It´s a Game for Trucks, not for Cars as NFS or any other Game in this sense.

        And there are more and more, WHY ???

        Don´t tell me “do not download”, it´s to much.
        And the Videos are only to make some money with it. WHY?

  5. converters going mad. not even saying where the model is stolen from

    1. Let me tell that, the model “stolen” from Project Cars.

  6. Вячеслав

    полный обзор мода
    Full review

  7. Why did the pagani have no sound?

  8. Again a weird and silly mod from Turks. Saçma saçma mod yapmayı çok seven bi ülkeyiz amk…

  9. Make a T124 pleeeeease

    1. seyed masih

      i can creat t124 ffor you steve

      1. Hello again, seyed masih…

        I’m not meaning to be rude here or anything by any means, but… Where is my Volvo S60 that you said you’re gonna make?

        It’s been 3 months right now since the last of your reply’s on Gmail…

        Any chance of getting it ready?

  10. vil du lave en vw golf mk 3 til mig 🙂 som der passer til ets2 v1.27 🙂

  11. Which dealer i get pagani?

  12. mentoscandy

    Where is link

  13. Alejandrouuu

    sorry for the ignorance, but how do I find the car in the game?

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