ETS2 ~ PWT Thermo ~ [1.34]

This skin has been designed by Sam Kerstens, CEO Kerstens Modding. The skin has been locked to prevent people from stealing elements of the skin. For an unlocked version, please contact us on Discord.

This mod was made to work with:
Scania R (Normal cab only) 2016 by SCS
Scania S (Both cabins) 2016 by SCS

Mods listed below: ???
Recommended mods:
Extended Sunshield
Custom Danish sideskirts
Abasstreppas wheels

Sam Kerstens, Kerstens Modding


2 Responses to ETS2 ~ PWT Thermo ~ [1.34]

  1. Hugo says:

    link of “Custom Danish sideskirts” pls

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