ETS2 Realistic Graphics Reshade 3.4 Red Presets 1.5 |YANRED

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Hello everyone today with the new version of ReShade 3.4 to improve colors in favorite games

Compatible. American truck simulator and Euro 2 truck simulator

Version presets. 1.5

Activate and deactivate: insert

Photographs: Prints Pant Pants photographs are saved where you installed them in the enhancer

win_x64 / images
win_x86 / images

Compatible in all versions of both games

Installation Instructions


INSTALL according to the system bits

bin win_x64
bin win_x86

It also includes a mod called No Bloom activate it to reduce the brightness that the game causes

TEST ETS2 V 1.31

Instalacion Español:

Directx and Visual cc++
to avoid possible problems when running the games once the graphics enhancer is installed

Ratas no resubir el link por favor thanks



DOWNLOAD 38 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 38 MB [Modsbase]

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5 thoughts on “ETS2 Realistic Graphics Reshade 3.4 Red Presets 1.5 |YANRED

  1. Peter Krause


  2. So, basically you have made the game brighter!!

    Too bright!

    1. Yes, any problem?

      1. Just increase the brightness with nvidia, don’t need to download this lol

        1. ah, good for you

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