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Hello everyone today with the new version of ReShade 3.4 to improve colors in favorite games

Compatible. American truck simulator and Euro 2 truck simulator

Version presets. 1.5

Activate and deactivate: insert

Photographs: Prints Pant Pants photographs are saved where you installed them in the enhancer

win_x64 / images
win_x86 / images

Compatible in all versions of both games

Installation Instructions


INSTALL according to the system bits

bin win_x64
bin win_x86

It also includes a mod called No Bloom activate it to reduce the brightness that the game causes

TEST ETS2 V 1.31

Instalacion Español:

Directx and Visual cc++
to avoid possible problems when running the games once the graphics enhancer is installed

Ratas no resubir el link por favor thanks



DOWNLOAD 38 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 38 MB [Modsbase]

5 Responses to ETS2 Realistic Graphics Reshade 3.4 Red Presets 1.5 |YANRED

  1. Peter Krause says:


  2. A says:

    So, basically you have made the game brighter!!

    Too bright!

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