ETS2 Studio trailer data for 1.30.xx

I make an update for the ETS2 Studio v.
Added animated brace and advanced coupling for the trailers.
– unrar this pack to the ETS2 Studio path.

Have fun! πŸ™‚

SCS, MD Modding, Rommi TZ, Matdom 1988, azannya26


22 thoughts on “ETS2 Studio trailer data for 1.30.xx

  1. good morning, thanks guys for this update.
    I wanted to ask: but this update concerns the trailers of the original SCS game?
    thank you so much

  2. What does it mean updated to v 1.30?
    I noticed that they are all old files (original ets2studio) which files did you update?
    and which ghost software did you use to add ADV coupling?
    Please if you can give me an explanation I’m very interested !! thank you

    1. scania_dragon

      Trailer database is not editable (trailers are not deleteable)

      1. scania_dragon

        I withdraw this statement

        1. Ciao, I hope the author explains this magic to us.
          I’ve updated some trailers with new PMG files, but for me it’s not easy.
          But I think he will not be able to give any explanation.

          1. zoso pleasse you can actualise the list of compames withe dlc vive la france and dlc italy pleasse

          2. Soon I will make videos how to add the new companies in ETS2studio.

          3. Fabiolino

            zoso, I also expect this your video tutorial, thanks for the work you do I really appreciate it
            where could we find this your future video?
            Hello F.

          4. thank you so much
            Please, give us your Steam ID to be friends.

          5. I do not use social and I do not have steam, I’m sorry

          6. ok thanks

    2. So I have Fun today. LOL
      For me itΒ΄s a simple Copy from the Studio.

      “Added animated brace and advanced coupling for the trailers.”

      I had a Look to the Chassis.sii and IΒ΄m still searching this… LOL

      He (azannya26) will do a Work in some Minutes, where the Profis need more than one Year to change ALL as it should be.

      @Fabio- Please, forget it very fast…
      You must take the longer Way and integrate Trailers by yourself, f.ex. with a good Tut ( …grazie, amici zoso πŸ˜‰ )

      Have a nice Sunday πŸ™‚

      1. Joachim
        ok, thanks for your reply, I can put new semitrailers inside ets 2 study (I will never cease to thank a friend for teaching me), but I do not understand how to apply this interesting update!

  3. kilian54800

    hello can you do the same mod with the new scania r and s please ?

  4. Please, give us your Steam ID to be friends.

  5. ok thanks

  6. JohnnyBoy59

    There is a 7.4.2 version, so 7.0.1 is a very old version

    1. scania_dragon

      and I can remember that I have read a message from Werewolf, that anyone can share the version

  7. scania_dragon

    I have renamed the folder trailers to old_trailers. then I have copied the new trailers folders. and than I have copied the folders “includes” and “templates” to this new folder. After that action ets2studio looks so:
    Hope i could help!

    But there is one hint: the trailertraffic-data is not correct and the game.log includes these lines:
    00:00:45.376 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/trailer/xx_profi_traffic.sii’, line 2:
    00:00:45.376 : Included at ‘/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_semi_trailer.xx_profi.sii’, line 2:
    00:00:45.376 : [unit] The unit name ‘traffic.trailer.xx_profi’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘traffic_trailer’).
    00:00:45.376 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_semi_trailer.xx_profi.sii)
    00:00:45.376 : [traffic_trailer_type] Unable to load trailer storage from ‘/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_semi_trailer.xx_profi.sii’!
    00:00:45.376 : Loaded traffic trailers of type ‘semi_trailer’: 0

    I don’t know how I could edit the files to reach errorfree trafficdata

    and there is a second hint. look:
    00:00:49.091 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘cog_height_offset’ of unit ‘.xx_profi’ (of type ‘trailer_def’).
    00:00:49.178 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘cog_height_offset’ of unit ‘.xx_profi’ (of type ‘trailer_def’).
    00:00:49.180 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘cog_height_offset’ of unit ‘.xx_profi’ (of type ‘trailer_def’).
    00:00:49.180 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘cog_height_offset’ of unit ‘.xx_profi’ (of type ‘trailer_def’).

  8. scania_dragon

    Question: How can I found the templates for the new MDModding doubleside trailers in this pack ?

  9. The_Ulas_7

    hi, can you maybe do it for 1.31?
    i love this

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