ETS2 – TRUE DX11 – Johndoe Sickx ReShade v 5.0 – ELMEJOR

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— DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE — HELLO and welcome to my v5 of ReShade, the ABSOLUTE BEST ReShade available for ETS2! Shaders carefully chosen for ZERO PERFORMANCE IMPACT yet delivering the best looks based on the original.

Filmic Lighting w/ Bloom by PixelGrapher recommended. Works a treat with No Bloom by Pixelgrapher as well as with Vanilla SCS Weather.

No scummy bs. No modified/renamed shaders used, you can use them with your own presets without having doubles. No included shaders as per ReShade creator’s request.

THANK YOU for trying the preset and for more, please do SUBSCRIBE. On the long road to 1000!

Johndoe Sickx


7 thoughts on “ETS2 – TRUE DX11 – Johndoe Sickx ReShade v 5.0 – ELMEJOR

  1. Thanks for sharing ill be sure to test it 🙂

  2. which one to choose?
    Direct3D9 or Direct3D 10+ ?

    1. ah soowwyyy nvm i got it ^^

  3. Robert Coman

    It is for ets 1.34 or 1.35?

    1. dx11 is on 1.35, enable it through config.cfg

    2. Works on both!

  4. Polaczek3

    Where i must paste “ETS2_Johndoe_SiCKX_v5_ELMEJOR” and where are other files?

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