ETS2 TZ Trailers pack (


ETS2 TZ Trailers pack (

Aero_dynamic 2win, Bodex_walking_floor, Fliegl_log_trailer, VANHOOL cistern,
Glass trailer_langendorf, WIELTON cistern, Kögel MAXX, KRONE Cool Liner,
KRONE Mega Liner, Lamberet SR2 futura, Panel transporter, Schmitz S.PR,
Schwarzmuller cistern, Sommer Containers, Samro/Nyylcon, Schwarzmuller Jumbo,
Kögel flat bed, Magyar kvas cistern, ROLFO cars transport,
Schmitz S.KO EXPRESS Folding Wall Box.

Rommy TZ


4 Responses to ETS2 TZ Trailers pack (

  1. RetroSpectre says:

    Nice ma , are they standalone?

  2. Karina-Moskva says:

    Very nice ! Thanks.

  3. jeyjey-16 says:

    Nice to see this pack update, thank you

  4. foggyburt says:

    by odins beard….why upload this to one of the worst / slowest non english hosts ffs????

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