[ETS2 v1.30] Physics of the truck V2.3.1 from ~Tok~

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-Realistic physics of the suspension, cab, transmission, brakes, pneumatic seat, cameras in the cabin.
-Supports all default tracks, as well as Kamaz. 6460, Scania, Renault rs integral Renot, Scania. 114, Mitsubishi FusoSuper Great V.
-Change: v2.3.1
Cabin: reduced the angle of the left, right, corrected dump. hit the ground running.
-Discounts, increased viscosity boxes, wheels.
-Fixed hinge carts " trailer " in the saddle " fifth wheel " (which would not have wobbled). Tractor trailer with swing feels like a roll.
-Did the softer rear axle (s).
-Brakes: adjusted the intensity of cooling degrees, revolutions.
-For those who are not a fan of changes in governance, in archive
There is a second file with a standard Office
(Physics_of_the_truck_V 2.3.1 _standard_control_from_ Tok ~ ~).

Test version 1.30 x
-Author: ~ Tok ~

-Place the Mod folder, connect to the Manager mods.
-Put the above modified trucks.
-Keep the original links! Respect the author’s work!


DOWNLOAD 212 KB [mirror]


4 thoughts on “[ETS2 v1.30] Physics of the truck V2.3.1 from ~Tok~

  1. President10

    You might be closer to the truth if you work a little more on it.

    1. Aleksey_Tok

      Minor tweaks not immediately notice.

  2. Die Mod ist der Hammer Danke den Schöpfer für die Arbeit

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