EU MAP 1.2.2. New Update


New Update v.1.2.2:
1. Fixed Service garage in Amiens (F)
2. Fixed Service garage in Debrecen (H)
3. New road cross Alps from Chur (CH) to Bolzano (I)
4. New company Transport21 in Bolzano (I)
5. New company Bauhaus in Innsbruck (A)
6. New road on enter in Innsbruck (A) (east-south side)

Compatible with latest update

Author: MsHeavyAlex


15 thoughts on “EU MAP 1.2.2. New Update

  1. Does it work with promods?

    1. you can never play with 2 maps. ###. How many guys ask the same dump question ._.

      1. renaulthater

        Yes you can! Promods 1.52+Poland rebuidling+going east dlc. But now that Im on the 1.9.x public beta on steam the map mods dont work. I play with the vanilla map (normal) and going east dlc.

      2. eurotrucker

        Yes you can! Renaulthater is right, i also used this setup till 1.9 beta. You don’t know what your talking about

        1. renaulthater

          thank you!

  2. faut-il avoir l extension go east pour pouvoir y jouer svp merci.

  3. what about compactibility with 1.9?

  4. marco echtwaar

    can you update the directory to update 19 and 19.5

  5. Is this big map???

  6. Not compatible with the latest 1.9.x version 🙁

    1. renaulthater

      I dont think there is any map mod which wokrs with the 1.9.x builds. Im pretty sure that more mods in general will come when SCS release 1.9 official.

  7. this map compatible with TSM maps? thx

  8. hello MsHeavyAlex

    it always crashed when I take a new Trailer

    and also crash if get out of the city

    1. I also found this map mod crashes my game after about 1 hour play time. Log gives no indication, but, crash log reports an attempt to write to protected memory.

      1. Maybe is problem those errors

        Unable to find ‘City’ ‘gdansk’ for 0x1E19B71706016B7 and other other city

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