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– New city Bydgoszcz (PL) (DLC EAST) with Companys:
– Company Lidl
– Company Maxilla
– Company Sandbuilder
– Company Transinet
– Company E.Leclerc
– Company Fastrans
– New company IKEA – Poznan (PL)
– New company E.Leclerc – Poznan (PL)
– New company E.Leclerc – Wroclaw (PL)
– New company E.Leclerc – Szczecin (PL)
– New company “Lidl” in game mod
– New city Liberec (CZ) with Companys:
– Company Lidl
– Copmany Trameri
– Company Fastrans
– Company ITTC
– Company Road work
– Company McDonalds
– New look on road and border Praha (CZ)- Wroclaw (PL)
– New company “Road work” in game mod
– New company “McDonalds” in game mod
– New company “Road work” in Newcastle (UK)
– New company McDonalds in Wroclaw (PL)
– New company Maxilla in London (UK)
– New company McDonalds in London (UK)
– New company Transport21 in Liege (B)
– New company Road work in Liege (B)
– New company Road work in Szczecin (PL)
– New company Road work in Hamburg (D)
– New company Maxilla in Rostock (D)
– New company Road work in Olsztyn (PL)
– New company Road work in Leipzig (D)

You must have DLC East
Compatible with 1.9.x versions

Author: MsHeavyAlex


25 thoughts on “EU Map v 1.4.1

  1. works with promods?

    1. brunoverts

      super carte bon travaille merci

  2. for the future!

    No #### map works with other #### maps!!
    In every map-comment is a guy who ask that dump question.

  3. Nice as allways. Love your work man.

  4. Do you need new profile?

  5. When I click the mouse to select the loading or loading so fast my game crashes. It would be with it, please do something?

  6. Poland Rebuilding and RO map both work together with ProMods …

  7. does that map works with TSM 4.5.6 ???

  8. Whenever I look at the freight market or Truck dealers my game crashes

  9. excellent map friend thanks for sharing.

  10. Fejér László

    Ostoba kérdések minek?
    A nevében ott van, hogy EU.térkép!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. MsHeavyAlex

    how put this up with direct Download link ???? …REMOVE THIS !!! and if you want have map, download it from my BLog !!


  12. MsHeavyAlex

    Respect my wish and my work and dont put my Direct download Links around Internet !!

    You have Link on my Blog there, so, you can find it without any problem !!

    IF you must share my map, then use Link to my BLOG !!



    p.s All support I’ll give just players on my Facebook page and on my Blog !

  13. burnedbruno

    Guys, please DO NOT USE THE LINK HERE!
    If you want to get this awesome map, please visit Alex’s official bolg here

    He (and his child) worked hard to make this map available for FREE. And all he asked in return is simply for you to GET THE MAP FROM HIS OFFICIAL BLOG ONLY.

    That’s not a hard thing to do, isn’t it?

    So, please ignore the links here and to get this map FOR FREE, please go to Alex’s blog at

    For Alex, I wish this won’t discourage you from improving your map. Cause it is one of the best for ETS2. Keep up the good work! 😀

    PS Abuse report is on the way.

  14. MsHeavyAlex

    burnedbruno – thank you on that ! 😉 I respect this !

    But I’ll take steps for this too, for next release.

  15. excellent work as always alex, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work 🙂 i look forward to see what else you can do to surprise us 🙂

    1. Holy Stretching Batman, GTFO.

  16. I’ve wondered why the modders behind the scenes weren’t mentioned, i like that you try to give credit to everyone contribution

  17. No it does not, pick one map or another, only one will work at a time. Only way 2 map mods would work together would be if they were built by people who talked to each other to discuss which sections each should make and where the joins would be.
    SCS changed how the map was made up by breaking it into sections, as long as another map mod can join to the other sections then it would theoretically work with a bit of tinkering.

    Keep up the Great Work Alex, have followed you since UKTS! and I Loved your mods back then. I downloaded direct from Alex’s Blog.

  18. ciprriano

    Thanks for great map !!

  19. Good job as Always,thanks

  20. burnedbruno

    If you meant they who made the models and prefabs, they are mentioned already in Alex’s Readme.

    I also wanna say thank you to for agreeing on changing the link so people who wanna download from here will be directed to Alex’s official blog.

  21. remingtonh

    What does the included economy mod do? Does it make a harder, more difficult economy?

  22. In the city Ammanford game crashes. The problem is prefab companies Fastrans.!!

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