EU Map v 1.5

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– Re-design normal road from Nürnberg to Erfurt
– Re-design normal road from Erfurt to Magdeburg
– Re-design normal road from Erfurt to Leipzig
– Re-design normal road from Strasbourg to direction German border Mannheim
– Re-design normal road from Strasbourg to direction German border Stutgart
– Normal roads from border to highway (direction to Stutgart)
– Normal roads from direction Stutgart to France border
– New cities from Update – Graz, Klagenfurt in South Austria
– New city from Update – Venezia in Italy
– New look on all roads in South Austria (from new Update)
– Klagenfurt:
– New company IKEA
– New company Maxilla
– New part of highway A6 (Austria) from cross A4 to A9
– Graz:
– New company McDonalds
– New company IKEA
– New design on some Gas stations on north UK
– Fixed speed in cross south from Lodz

Compatible with 1.11.x. and 1.11.xs and higher

Author: MsHeavyAlex


29 thoughts on “EU Map v 1.5

  1. AndreasCZ

    Thank you for the nice map! 🙂

  2. deineMudda

    You build the best maps. I love them. Pls go on dude 🙂

  3. LionBuster

    Do I need have DLC G.EAST?

    1. LionBuster DLC G.EAST must have a

      1. LionBuster


    1. Fred_be link from there))))

      1. MsHeavyAlex

        White461 …you dont respect my work and my wish right ?? …you drive me in direction, that I will close down my work and I will share just to people who will Donate for my map more than €10 😉 …

        person which is put this uphere respect my wish and he put Download link to my Blog, but you’re something special, right in this World !!

        If you will do this one more time somewhere else, I will for sure close my map for other World … you can have some respect to my work and my wishes !!!


        1. Faelandaea

          I have not yet tried your map, but I do hope that one person disrespecting your download wishes doesn’t cause you to stop awesome development of maps. Your map is next on my list of things to explore.

          Fortunately a community seems to stand behind you and calls people out on your wishes. Awesome community 🙂 I am sure if we contact the admins of this site they can remove that direct link for you 🙂

        2. MsHeavyAlex sorry appreciate your work, the error understood

  4. So u have to have dlc east???

  5. + White 🙂

  6. +10 TYVMuch, quick update v1.11

  7. Werkt bij mij niet op de nieuwe update! oplossing?

  8. Gerald Payne

    His actual NEW version is on his blog spot. He says is only proper place to download.

  9. Too bad it is not required for all map builders and major game designers for this game to have official download sites to keep the good developments in a package environment for safe and clean downloads. The internet is so full of attached trash it makes one Leary of even getting updates that are official from the game designers. But then it probably would start a costly price membership to be attached also.

  10. Gerald Payne

    Where is your respect? Up your #### !

    1. Where’s yours? He did say please.
      And, the other poster is correct, there are hundreds of those entries in the game log file currently.
      Sure, it doesn’t affect the game, but it does make the log hard to read if one is searching for a mod that is giving trouble.

      I might point out that Heavy Alex does actually authorise his work being published on many forums, but, ONLY if you use the link to his blog spot like I do on the forum I administer.

      Gerald Payne, You need to take a blue pill and have a nice lie down buddy.

  11. Are the bus stations still in this mod? Or did they get rid of?

  12. MHAPro map EU 1.5.1 Video

  13. why when I input 1 or 2 mods will be force close .. does this map does not correspond to anything mod??

  14. this mod broke my profile to the point I had to delete all content & reinstall the game from scratch… could not simply create a new account, lost all progress & was not able to save anything… plus the download host is #### & almost gave me a virus (AVG reported)… players will want to avoid this one at all cost or you can never remove it…

    1. TCEd502, AVG is well known to give false positives.
      I use Avast and have never had such a thing from the site Alex uses for his mods.
      I have also found a couple of mods (trucks) that break the game, but not this map mod.

    2. Gerald Payne

      Read a previous post my the mod maker ! He DID NOT authorize the posting of his work to this site ! ! ! If ILIVID was the downloader look at post on google about Ilivid !

  15. [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/gas_town_nico/gas_town_1.ppd’ version 19 to current version (21) – one of lot, please upgrade

  16. UnableRogue

    THANK YOU for this awesome map. I was so impressed with your previous map that I just had to donate some money to you. I URGE EVERYONE TO DO THE SAME!! You help make this game more enjoyable with the touches of realism such as broken down vehicles on the side of the road and police. I cannot wait until this finishes downloading.

  17. cutlass26

    Doesn’t work for me oddly. After Enabling it, clicking apply, then clicking continue, 3/4 way through the loading screen, it goes back to the “load game” screen with red “!” on all the saves. Even tried deactivating all the other mods and just activating this one, still nothing. Any thoughts?

  18. firedragon

    city cilian by scout…bug game cracht

  19. Just wondering if you were going to be updating the map so its works on the new update 1.14 as the map doesn’t work on it anymore which is a shame as I love this map

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