[Euro Truck Simulator 2] ETS2 Real Gas Station v1.01 (1.40.x)

Modified for 1.40.x

Germany Rework Map : Aral, Shell, Avia
Scandinavia DLC : Cirkle K, Preem, Uno X, ST1, Shell
France DLC : AS24, Total Access, Esso Express, BP, Total
Italia DLC : IP Matic, ENI, Q8, Esso

※ Do not apply to map mod. (ProMods, Rus Map, etc.)
※ When used with other gas station mod, this mod should take precedence.



7 thoughts on “[Euro Truck Simulator 2] ETS2 Real Gas Station v1.01 (1.40.x)

  1. Thanks, even the v.1.0 combined with it has another mod
    and it worked correctly.
    We hope you will add other Italian companies (not a request)
    thanks again.

    1. Twitch_RoG

      Yes that would be great!

  2. Canarinho

    Best Gast Station Mod for ETS 2, amazing work.

  3. hey m8, do you realize that q8 not exist anymore? now its OKQ8, regards

    1. It exists in Italy, in my city there are 2 distributors, and also Tamoil.

  4. Fernando Starr

    Hello, good job with the mods they really fit you very well, but I would like to know if there will also be real gas stations in Black Sea, Baltic Sea dlc?

  5. Nico Murgui

    Will it work with Promods?

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