Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer v 1.0 ALPHA


With this file you can play multiplayer without legal game (steam)
Happy playing!

Authors: SCS, ETS2MP

160 thoughts on “Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer v 1.0 ALPHA

  1. GamerHacker

    Nice,is it fake -.-

    1. It isn’t fake

      1. its fake, this is do not find the page … you can see by yourself … §FAKe

    2. what version is the ets2 steam version latest one

    3. Yeah it is fake

  2. no it works very well

    1. tell me how to do to work, pls….or a link something…

      1. GamerHacker

        Then when you know how to work download this and try it,or write us a tutorial!!!


    2. Codemaster

      How do you download it on steam?


      JEUX DE Let’s Play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer #001

  3. Dalnaboyshiki


    1. YoHiMate:)

      Leave this sort of comment at the door. Thanks 🙂

    2. its fake u cant download it

  4. When, I can play with original cd or it’s just for steam players?

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      you can activate your cd code also to your steam account.

      1. Carl Mawson

        How do you activate it?

  5. Steam Players

    1. Merci Fred!

  6. Thanks. Very good online mode !

  7. Why only steam players?

    1. Because they can get alot of Steam log-ins on this way.

  8. hey fred when release for the normal players ?

  9. It’s not a fake !! This is the real multiplayer !

    Look this picture 😉

    1. fressy ballsacks

      we knows its not fake but you do need steam when it says it dosent need it

  10. how to i install this file
    give me replay mes

    1. You must have this game on steam. If you have go to and click login in through steam and download this mod

  11. For the moment it is only for STEAM players, you can always put your game on STEAM if you want

    1. GamerHacker

      Yea i know that but this #### here is not working,because its fake download!

      1. You cant use it’s all 😉

          1. Amazing, do you have any mod in the interior camera, cause when you drive it looks like the camera folows the road in every turn 😉 just amazing.

      2. NuttahTrucka

        It’s not fake. I’ve been playing it all day. you should see the #### that happens when 20 people all try to get into one tradeaux!

        1. no it isn’t fake it says no steam when you clearly need steam.

    2. How could you connect the original game with steam? Help me please! 😉

  12. i have not steam then i need to wait when release for everbody

    1. ### TNX DUDE
      Where you got the link from so if theres a update I can get a new download link

    2. I need steam to play that too.

  13. You will click скачать

  14. Rodgeydodge

    this is so wrong that it is just for steam when some of us buy the game we are excluded I wont reg my game with steam because I think steam is #### plain and simple.. why cant we just reg our cd keys to play this I play x3 and can only play it on steam train sim too really pisses me of …if we pay good money for the game we should have all the other benefits that steam users have plain and simple just enter our cd keys to prove authenticity…BULLSHIT JUST BULLSHIT

    1. You right…

    2. ETS 2 was not a steam game from day one, it’s added to steam later.

      whether you like it or not, the game publiceres are going to force you to use steam or other to fully play their games.

      They did it with football manager and they will properly gonna do it with american truck simulator to.

      1. If they do it with American Truck sim I’m gonna rage

    3. you can blame all those that have hacked copies of the cd version of the game for that mate, steam will check all those that register that they have correct keys and if they have hacked keys they will not be able to play pure and simple. If you have a non hacked keys then register your copy on steam and you can play pure and simple, if you don’t, then go and buy a copy you cheap skates

    4. Agree…..

  15. Who help me with instalation of this mod

  16. Sorry for my English

  17. Yes. How to install this mod.

  18. Cannot connect to EU-Server… Someone else too?

    1. yes… missing cars and it doesn´t connect…


        yes it worked on 1st may 3am til 6am GMT but after that server wont connect and its a problem for 2 days now and no update….

        but its not fake i can assure you this & its a GREAT JOB PLUS SADLY NOT TRAFFIC APART FROM OTHER USERS…

        1. NuttahTrucka

          If it had AI the FPS would probably be very low. And remember its still an Alpha

  19. how do you get this to work ? ive put files into my game nothing changes ?

  20. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Video

  21. How it works sorry I downloaded and activated but no different than normal?

  22. well im glad you cleared that up lol It don’t work

  23. Can’t see any changes…

  24. Rubberduck

    Hmmm when comming MP for No Steamversion ?. thx

  25. pjgamers81

    how do i open it with windows 8 plz help me out.

  26. I did not buy the game and i play multiplayer,only server crashed down.

  27. how to install??

  28. trucker richy

    Ok I have put both folders into my mods folder and activated them so how do I get this to work?. I have steam and I see no changes. Can someone help me out. Many thanks

    1. trucker richy

      Lol I meant files into mods folder

      1. Same “problem” here 🙁

  29. Fred_be i i have installed it but it can’t connect with EU Server #1. Must i download this “mod-files” and add him? Or are the server at the moment offline?

    1. GoLFiiToOo


  30. force close,help guys

  31. I dont get it to work, I put the 2 mods in the mod folder and activated them, and nothing happened… And another question: does this mod works with other mods (like map mods, promods or tsm)

    1. ohh I see, you have to go to , (refresh 10x then you’ll get the page) click between the text (there is standing nothing but just click when you see your mouse thingy is changing :p ) and than Authorise your Steam account. you’ll come to a page (may have to refresh it some times) where you can download a file. Don’t worry, it doesnt has a virus. Download that file and install what is in that file. (srry for my bad English)

  32. The7thSense

    The servers are down atm…

  33. how i install that???

  34. The7thSense

    Download the files from it doesen’t matter where you place or install the files. I put them F:\-= Steam =-\SteamApps\common. When installed there should be 5 files. Just click launcher.exe. If you get an error when double-clicking the .exe file, right click it and choose properties -> compatibility -> tick “run this progam in compatibility mode for” and use Windows XP Service Pack 3.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  35. Not sure if this works properly as I got my mp download from the actual site that offered it….

    However, when you run the multiplayer make sure you disable all mods and connect as continue as normal…
    Last night there were a few connection problems but it was server side and not client side…
    Remember this is Alpha so dont be surprised if you machine locks up and crashes…..

    Using the default TAB key in game shows a players list but only of trucks in your location area….

    1. I didn’t install any mods but I started over. Created a new profile I mean.
      Doesn’t change anything but when I “spawned” the ground was grey for a moment..

      1. Tab key ain’t show anything

  36. The7thSense

    The MP worked pretty #### fine yesterday 🙂 after a few hickups. It is Alpha 🙂 One of the admins on the server said they will release a new build today. Can’t wait for it 😀

  37. How is this actually working?

  38. Put the 2 files in mod folder, started up the game..created new profile, activated the two files, start the mp…just normal game.

    Running latest steam version.

    Where can i find the exe installer?
    On the ets2mp website it is stating that i should log into steam to download the mod…but i’m ALWAYS logged on steam.

    I’m lost.

    1. Download from this: (but Uĺl have to click many times to F5 🙂 But I download it well, installed, start game – all good. But one main problem is: tying log into EU server 😀 So, you can install it, but because server is broken down, MP doesn´t work… U will drive many km with no other vehicles and no other AI cars and still read waiting to the connections… 🙁

  39. it works! Server is online NOW!! 😀


  41. But what is steaming? Please lamuritima and me

  42. Rodgeydodge


  43. nicht schlecht! bin gespannt wie es weiter geht.

  44. CarlosMagno

    Se caso não pegar tem que colocar compatibilidade com o Windows XP patch 3

  45. When I ‘sign in through steam’ it says the game is not in my library list but I do (obviously)

  46. Hi !
    How I can to install this?
    I add in mods folder the: ETS2MP and mp-files and don’t work…
    Aniway can help me please ?
    Thank’s a lot.

    1. When i try to start the game, he tell me: Cannot find game executable file! #001

      1. GoLFiiToOo

        I have the same problem

  47. Please look at april 1.

    Are you all stuppit.

    1. trucker richy

      Dumbass it is MAY 1st, NOT April 1st

  48. Dedicated ETS 2 Server online 12 user

    only scania truck and one krone trailer

    pass – marek, part to drive prag

  49. Not liking the fact that you have to buy it on steam i just orderd it on internet 🙁

    1. you can activate your serieal key on steam, you don’t have to buy the game again

  50. Rodgeydodge

    works fine for me anyone what the chat key is ????

    1. NuttahTrucka

      Press F9 to toggle chat and Y to open the chat box.

  51. You’re all pirating wankers.



  53. added the mods to the mod folder, installed the .exe and try to locate the ETS2 folder in steam but it won’t continue from there.

    can some one please clear this up

  54. scania 620

    how to change privat profile to public for download help please

  55. Rodgeydodge

    highway I jusdt used the exe when you install add a desktop short cut start steam minimise then run for desktop short cut it just a icon sayin eurotruck hope this help …still anyone know the chat key on the keyboard I see others chattin but cant join in

  56. Rodgeydodge

    its only #### if you havnt bought the game….awesome if you have… all you lamers who have pirated….. suffer #####

    1. Didn’t work for me, bought it on Steam..

  57. scania 620

    please download link for version

  58. scania 730

    version link download please

  59. scania 730

    which wersion need to play multiplayer

  60. put game onto steam which is easy and download file from and run exe dosent matter where is extracts create desktop icon when asked, when finished click on desktop icon and it should run threw steam, if nothing happens scroll up and look at the 7thsense’s comment

  61. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer (First Open Alpha Test)

  62. A High Hamster


    If you bought the game from the ets2 main website here is a tutorial to make it a steam version

    1.find ur product key copy it steam click games activate a product on steam next and agree to terms
    5.paste ur product key click next
    6. it should download ets2
    To make mp work: must have done the above steps to make a steam version the download link sign in through steam. the server you want (i use ru) the installer and install it steam play euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer via the desktop icon or in the windows start menu.

  63. i tried again, got it working, if you see bot_hunter in game, that is me 😉

  64. ETS2 Multiplayer said ETS2 was not found in my Steam Library and now my ETS2 doesn’t work anymore with Steam.
    Also, does it replace your standard ETS or not?

    1. restart the steam

  65. PLEASE HELP ME the game says:’server is full’

  66. Very Nice!

  67. roadrunner

    working grate for me


    yes it worked on 1st may 3am til 6am GMT but after that server wont connect and its a problem for 2 days now and no update….

    but its not fake i can assure you this & its a GREAT JOB PLUS SADLY NOT TRAFFIC APART FROM OTHER USERS…



  69. Please, give me a free serial, i don’t have money to play buy ETS2, and I like it.

    1. How do you know if you like it if you don’t have money to buy it? Quit using a hacked version and buy the freaking game.

  70. and i still cannot get mine to use the ets2 folder

  71. Rodgeydodge

    trucker you don’t know wht you missing it works great but I downloaded with google chrome as ie10 and firefox wont connect ihope this helps

  72. bonjour ya t il des francais qui arrive a faire fonctionner le jeu merci de votre reponse

  73. mega scania

    Can i use this mod with TSM MAP? Yes or no?

  74. correct me if i am wrong but the install i have done is like this

    added mp mods from to ets2 mod folder

    download and install installer, install and then pick the ets2 folder in steam? which folder? the root ets2 folder or the bin or the x_86?

    1. may you please make a video tutorial Please

  75. ….can’t connect with EU Server #1… :'(

  76. ths is the biggest #### everywere

  77. I played the multiplayer game 7 hours. It is very nice, very nice people and nice graphics. There is one disadvantage: There is 1 server. When comes the second server? We need a second server.

    Keep trucking guys!

  78. Aussie trucker

    You know you guys can add it to steam, thats what i did, just get your product code for ets2 and redeem it on steam and you just have to redownload it and its not very big

  79. Your all prob better asking questions/report bugs etc here:

  80. Anyone else find that the jobs run out say you was in 1 town and you did couple quick jobs between places in the same town the cargo trailers dont seem to get replaced and once they have gone you cant get anymore in that town?

  81. Cannot find Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your Steam library. Is your Steam account private? If yes change it status to public and try again.

    1. ako zmenim ucet na stav na verejnosti

  82. bonjour ya t il un francais qui a reussi a jouer en mode multiplayer et qui peut m aider svp merci mon skipe et beubeue30 merci du soutien

  83. works very well,just do not know how to talk to the other players.

    1. type “”y”” or “”f9″”

  84. AWESOME MOD! Just need to fix quick jobs, sinking trailers, headlights, and thats all!

  85. Nice work, but of course there are drawbacks to hope I do the official release will be fixed. So far the only thing I’m really bothered is the fact that no AI vehicles in traffic, so it’s a little monotonous.

    1. It is true and NON-DAMAGE zone in city is bad and boring. I think it would be better if the zone was only in company. (Sorry for my english)

  86. Download link is not working

  87. forget it som one hvae a link where i can download it for cd???

  88. I’ve tried and it’s a very good gaming, but I had some problems, see I play with the logitech G27 and the force feedback has the power too hight, I Deactivate the force feedback ption and still the same, any one knows what to do? but nice work, keep it up.

  89. Please give me direct link to download multiplayer.

  90. To get the real version that is for legal ETS2 users then go here.

    You have to sign up for a Steam account for it to work. So either make a Steam account or use one you already have. Enjoy!

  91. LiLTrucker86



  92. Dont waste your time on this mod there is no suchs like a multiplayer game for ets2 because few weeks ago i send a email to scs software.They told me they still thinking of a multiplayer option for this game but on this moment there is no option for multiplayer at least not made by scs software.Last time i try to download on youtube only thing i get is commercial banners and a somethings u have to click on that will install junk on your pc.They install mailware on your pc so when this happend clean u pc with cc cleaner and a good registery cleaner.If scs software told me there is no option for that u can believe them they not lying they are the real developers of this game.What is made by others scs software dont have nothing to do with it.

    1. freddy j is an ###

      there is such thing look on youtube

  93. Hola comunidad de traileros

    Por que en el ets2 Multiplayer me aparece esto alpoco tiempo que estay realizando un viaje

    you were kicked from the game reason too high ping 1838ms – 600ms max

    dice que me expulsa por una razon espero y me ayuden

  94. I cant download it

  95. why WHY ITS MUST STEAM!!!?!?!?!?!?!

  96. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Gameplay

  97. i know it just takes you to the link where you have to log in

  98. instal steam and start it by steam and play but you must download or by euro truck simulator 2 1.14.x for this multiplayer mod :))

  99. can you play with non-steam edition???

  100. hello

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