Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.7 BETA


Author: SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 6.65 MB from 1.4.6

27 Responses to Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.7 BETA

  1. Roger says:

    Hello.. What does the patch fix.

  2. Vesku-K says:

    Whether genuine when there is NO mention of the scs software page, and NOT on any side does NOT even forum. The last beta patch 1.4.6

  3. gts2013 says:

    comes now every day a new patch???
    scs are a ##### club

    • BartvHam says:

      There were always so many patches. But they were only for the Beta testers. Since 1.4.1, they are for everybody, so SCS can receive feedback from a larger group of players.

    • Lommerts says:

      You DO know what Beta means right?
      Only download and install these beta’s if you want to take a risk and/or help SCS out with bug-fixing.

      If not, please stick to 1.4.1 and wait for the next “final” patch release.

  4. abdallah says:

    i’d like a patch with tandems ans wagons

  5. human says:

    yes please a litte bit tell what new and fix in new version of beta

  6. Lommerts says:

    Guys, don’t download this one!
    This is not an official “beta” patch, since it isn’t open for public testing (yet).
    If 1.4.7 going to be available, then you’ll surely will find it on the SCS forum.

    • trucker richy says:

      Lommerts read what SCS say on their blog page before you say this is not official. They are not mentioning the beta to the general public until it has all the issues resolved. They put these out to allow us to help them to improve the 1.4 series of patches, then when the problems have been sorted they will release the final patch as an OFFICIAL patch.So everyone should download this and yes it is safe as I already downloaded it and have had no issues.

      Trucker Richy

      • Lommerts says:

        I’ve read it, but that post is also refering to the latest 1.4.6 version.
        SCS also has a bug-subforum to report ETS2-bugs, each for every version.
        1.4.7 isn’t there, so that means that it’s still closed beta at the moment.
        That’s why i consider it non-official, as it’s not open beta yet.
        Sorry for the confusion, i could have said it a bit better with the previous post.

  7. jeffrey says:

    it wouth be great if renault magnum and premium had 6×2/6×4 chassis too

    • pez2k says:

      I can only assume that it’s to do with licensing, Renault don’t want those versions featured ingame.

      I’ve made mods to add both in as close to SCS quality as I can manage, which work fine in 1.4.x, just do a search for my username on this site (shameless plug).

  8. trucker richy says:

    Public Beta Experiment Goes On

    Stabilizing the 1.4.x patch has been taking a lot of work, and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the open beta testing. Several problems were discovered with your help, and the dev team certainly appreciates all the useful feedback and inspiration from you.

    The eventual process and system of future open betas still needs some thinking, but these initial results are promising, so we’d like to ask you for help one more time.

    We have created another “release candidate” for the final 1.4.x line patch. To the best of our knowledge, it addresses all major issues that we still left in 1.4.1, so if you are already using this version of the game and it works ok for you, updating to 1.4.6 isn’t much of a danger, in fact it should still offer some stability improvements.

    This build is still only a candidate for the final approved patch. We are not offering any mirroring options yet, as it’s not intended for use by general public, we are also not even mentioning it on the official game website. The only people with advanced access to these hot builds are the members of the fan community on our message board.

  9. viper21 says:

    so many updates, so many … GARBAGE!!!!!!!

  10. mustafa * says:

    it s fake.

  11. dean says:

    does anyone find that since updating to 1.4.1 that when you drive the truck the retarder comes on automatically even if you dont check the auto retarder option.

    • trucker richy says:

      works fine for me dean, you updated to 1.4.7 or not?, that might be the issue

    • Lommerts says:

      Looks like the installation of the patch has been faulty.
      I haven’t got that issue, even with the latest beta patch.

      Try to reinstall both the game and the patch.
      Also test it with and without mods, just to be on the safe side.

  12. Fernando says:

    this patch it with this bug load disappear happened to me twice this new patch

    • trucker richy says:

      Fernando go to the scs forum and report it, no point saying that here

  13. V.L. says:

    4 me, this work fine… so far ! The only thing not working is my mind does not know what real change / add / remove this patch! 8)

  14. Baba says:

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.8 BETA

    Author: SCS Software
    License plate system corrections
    Interior animation fixes
    Fixes to several tuning parts acting incorrectly
    Improvements in memory system for better stability under heavy load
    Traffic lights system fixes

  15. Jay says:

    on Steam where I bought and run ETS2 I just downloaded beta patch 1.4.8 and my game is running fine.

  16. Baba says:

    yeah, me too

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