Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.8 BETA


From 1.4.7 update to v1.4.8.
Author: SCS Software


22 thoughts on “Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.8 BETA

  1. That’s not BETA !

  2. It’s not beta – it’s on official ets2 homepage.

  3. Why these last update never wrote the changelog or fixed parts list?

    1. What’s new in this update:

      License plate system corrections
      Interior animation fixes
      Fixes to several tuning parts acting incorrectly
      Improvements in memory system for better stability under heavy load
      Traffic lights system fixes

  4. link is death ?

  5. marco kortekaas

    do i need CD key again, cause i lost it…

    1. Sarkissian

      How the hell can you lose your CD key??
      In the more than 20 years I am gaming I NEVER lost any CD key from whatever game!
      You must be a ###### or simply have an illegal copy of the game!

      1. trucker richy

        Sarkissian. Calling him a ###### is not a nice thing, you have no idea what happened for him to lose it, unless you are following him around.You could have been nicer and offered help. So the only ###### here is you mate, best you think before you speak, if you can, but that’s unlikely. My guess is you want everyone here to dislike you. I wouldn’t help you out even if you begged, I wouldn’t waste my time helping a loud mouthed little ##### like you.

        Have fun

        Trucker Richy

      2. whats you make better then him, or me or some other? Im sure you have a big tung, but when its coming to fight so im sure you are like a chicken scared. So please shut up. Is that how you at home, if your father or mother lose somthing house key or somthing then you call them for #######? Just one word #####!!!

  6. y lost, LOL okay,but y need no CD key for update.

    but big brother is watching y

  7. why the traffic headlights stay lit in the daytime ??

    1. Michael Fase

      thye do that since the first version of ETS 2

  8. Can make some new patches that If I have not so good PC then trucks display is better to read. If I select in game option text quality 25% then is display is bad to read and if I select 50% or 100% then game litle bit lagging. Is taht possible to make that I select 100 text quality then game dont lagging anymore and other thing in game is lower quality or even not selected. Sorry for the big text. Anyway the update is good and game works fine. Keep it up and best wihes game change for the better.

    1. Michael Fase

      if your computer can’t run the game a mod will not help. mods only make the game slower

  9. Invalid or Deleted File.

  10. Why are you still lost the cargo?

    1. same here, i always lost my cargo too

  11. lol my steering wheel can not adjust to it is as if there is no sensitivity in it anymore. … fix it

  12. Next update patch can make truck shop this that can buy different size of fueltanks in truck

  13. And the trailer is lost or not?

  14. yardımedin

    Ya Seral Nerde 1.4.8 İn Ya Delircem

  15. where do we install the patch at again ?

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