EuRoadNet v1.3 1.44

EUROADNet is an innovative mod map.
We strive to be creatively rebuilding and expanding the original card by adding new cities, roads and much more, always with full details, as realistic and filled with micro-innovations.

Contains many new areas and improvements in Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia and other countries!

Wernigerode, Brockken, Flensburg, Husum, Hoppegarten, Fogelsdorf,
Schönefeld, Chip / Shprevald, Forst (Lauzits), Loebau, Bremerhaven,
Roads A7 (Rendsburg Denmark Reconstructed), A13
(Road Works), A15, A27 (Bremen Bremerhaven), A29
(Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven), A293, B5, B76, B178 (before Loebau), B199,
Reconstruction of the transport junction of Stuttgart-Degeryloch, Drikeek Bunda.

Road A4 (rebuilt on Krzyowa), A18.

City Tönder.
Road PR11. E45 LED Aarhus, rebuilt junction in SVENSTRUP.

Perestroika Bratislava.
Czech Republic: Mlada Boleslav.
France: Changes in Paris and not far from Lille, reconstruction A2 / A23.
Belgium: Reconstruction of the part of the A1 / A7 / A15 motorways.
Norway: Oslo, rebuilt check-out 31.

To be clear, the card requires that all current DLC cards are installed
(Going East, Scandinavia, Vive La France!, Italia, Beyond The Baltic
Sea, Road To The Black Sea) and the current version of the game.
Compatibility with other cards by changing standard (especially Promods, Mhapro, TruckSim-Map) is not supported.
However, you do not need to create a new profile.



7 thoughts on “EuRoadNet v1.3 1.44

  1. Krzysztof

    And does EuroRoadNet support mid Poland Detail Adding

  2. Unfinished Map:
    – Motorway section between Bremen and Hanover (unfinished, roads are missing)
    – Behind Stettin (no storage for road parts)
    – Dreieck Walsrode not found in the map

    1. Jürgenwürgen

      download the two files witch you find on the original site

    2. The Nightgames

      The ERN team is currently working on the release of a fix version.

      Many bugs have been added

  3. The Nightgames

    Good morning all

    I see it is a stolen version of the ERN map I would recommend you to download the map from the
    SCS forum:
    or download it from the forum:

  4. @ Homer

    It doesn’t matter if the map is stolen or not. I found the same errors in both versions. Now the A7 Autobahn is there, but I’m wondering what the icons to the left of it represent. Is there the nearest Smurf village there? Or what are they supposed to represent? Near Szczecin, streets from the rebuilding can still be seen to the left. Despite update. I’m starting to feel betrayed. SCS would never release street maps with leftovers from the remodel. That’s not their style.

    1. The Nightgames

      We are currently fixing it
      It just takes time

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