EuroLines EU Skin for the JetBus V2


This is my latest skin for the Mercedes Jetbus V2, replicating the EuroLines company skin with a slight twist.



6 Responses to EuroLines EU Skin for the JetBus V2

  1. Batumi Man says:

    Nice skin, good bus company! Please, give the link of this mod bus.

  2. Patriot says:

    For what JetBus version is? doesn´t work

  3. CristyMPIV says:

    Please give us , the link, for the bus mod…which is working on 1.20x…

  4. Doni says:

    please this mod belongs to indonesian people.not belongs you.the author is not you.

    • ThePartyCat says:

      That’s a bit racist. In that case, I never want to see you in a Scania since you’ll make it a christmas tree. I WATCHED StaffieHDX make this via TeamViewer.

      p.s. it’s a SKIN, not the BUS!

  5. Amik says:

    Indonesian : Saya ingin skin ini untuk semua truk (terutama 1.18 keatas, dimana MB Actros 2014/MP4 ada di versi ini).
    English : I want this skin for all truck (especially 1.18 and above, where MB Actros 2014/MP4 existing in this version).
    Big Thanks.

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