Europa Map in Color

Europa-Map-in-Color-1 Europa-Map-in-Color-2 Europa-Map-in-Color-3 Europa-Map-in-Color-4

The European and Minimap adapted in color to the streets, the streets are no longer in the water and is it an old black background is no more.

Author: dombro


19 thoughts on “Europa Map in Color

  1. Great modification! Thank you!

  2. gazomania

    İts cooolll…. tHANK yOUUU…

  3. What map are using going into Spain?

    1. Daniel93**

      TSM Map 4.5.3

  4. Magnifique, thanks a lot 🙂

  5. peugeot407

    What map are you using to go to Marseille and Nice

    1. Sarkissian


  6. Does This Work With All Map Mods 🙂

    1. I just tried it with ProMods v 1.52 and Poland rebuilding maps. It does with with these, however this mod was built with the intention of using TSM map mod.

      Using with ProMod the roads in Norway are in the ocean instead of showing on land. There is a map key in the upper left hand corner that shows all the ferry, airport, and tunnel routes on TSM’s map.

      All this said, I do really like the way it looks despite the Norwegian roads not in the proper place.

  7. Currently using ETS2 and this map:

  8. what map get u to denmark ?

    1. Wolftrucker99

      promods V1.5

  9. pralk0suszarka

    Polish / Czech Republic / Slovakia, there is no limit states.
    Budapest is a little too high.

  10. Cooooool. Well Done.

  11. Brian Earl Spilner

    Thanks dombro. Great mod.

  12. hi,I like this map and I used but I have a problem and I don´t know why,I can´t push up the map , I can´t see the north Africa , help(

  13. Hi. I cant Download it. But I Know Its Very NIcee!!

    Pls Upload in this upload center fast and easy to download. pls uploaddddddddddddddd here!!

  14. says

  15. NicCage1337

    Actually, eastern countries outline is awful.

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