Europe Economy Cargo Politics

Real Europe Cargo economy politics
Euro Truck 2 Simulator . Tested on ver 1.37

Euro Cargo Group


5 thoughts on “Europe Economy Cargo Politics

  1. What kind of mod is this, what is the use of it

  2. Euro Cargo

    This is a modified economic parameters mode for ETC 2, tested on game version 1.37. Fashion improvement soon comes out with improved stability and a changed damage policy

    1. John Smith

      That still leaves a few questions unanswered. Do you have to make a new profile or does it work on existing profiles. And on making a new profile, does it give you enough start capital for semi-truck and trailer, which is required for founding a commercial driving company? (5000-9000EUR, but since this game’s market only offers semi-trucks and trailers, so the start capital needs to be higher on this mod to be in accordance of German law for example.)
      Does this mod rule accurate national weight regulations? Do the routes get set in accordance to weight regulations? Does it have truck vignette and truck toll? Does it have taxes and property taxes on foreign soil. Does this mod feature financial deprecation? Does it have mobile or satellite fees? Do you have procurists to pay who do your stuff at the company locations while you are away? Etc, etc.

  3. Euro Cargo

    Hello, thank you for your interest.
    An update mode has been released that you can download. In short, the mode adjusts exclusively economic parameters such as: driver’s earnings, market price of cargo transportation, violation fees, credit arrangements with the Bank with an increased number of available arrangements and a return policy that is significantly tailored to players who need fresh capital at the beginning of the game. to successfully start a commercial company. Also, the mod includes different prices of petroleum products by country (I note that the prices of petroleum products do not reflect the real price of derivatives in that country). This mode also changes the degree of damage to trucks, trailers and cargo while driving.

    All other things you asked, but not contained through this answer, are not currently regulated by the mode.

    In the next update of the mod version, the change of railway and ship connections is expected.

  4. Euro Cargo

    Supplement to the answer:
    The mode works on all your created and activated profiles. No need to create a new profile. Mod does not include start-up capital. New players have access to the initial capital of 2000 Eur, which is the basic capital of the new user.

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