Europe Map with 11 Countrys by Morcos Bacsi


1.20.1-es patch work on
A Going East to be added
Finland: Helsinki,Tampere,Lahti,Mikkeli,Vantaa,Espoo,Jyvaskila,Turku
Albania: Tirana
Romania: Oradea,Timisoara,Arad,Baia Mare,Satu Mare,Zalau
Ukraine: Munkacseve, Uzshorod
Bulgaria: Sofija
Macedonia: Skopje
Greek: Thessaloniki
Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka
Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje
Corsica Ajaccio
Serbia: Beograd
starting cities: Helsinki, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Satu Mare, Oradea, Timisoara, Sofija, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Ajaccio, Beograd, Munkacseve, Tirana
Ferry: Helsinki-Gdansk
Ljubljana, Zagreb It has been completely built
Slovenia linked with Italy,
Croatia linked with Italy,
Ljubljana you can go through half Klagenfurt,
M7 Motorway Hungary linked with Croatia
The map edited and upload severely prohibited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Graz linked with Slovenia

Author: Morcos bacsi


41 Responses to Europe Map with 11 Countrys by Morcos Bacsi

  1. awaster says:

    Thanks for the map, but it is full of bugs and errors

  2. Cacilier says:

    Works with ProMods or other map ?

  3. paulo says:

    I wonder if it is compatible with other maps (TSM, PROMODS, MARIO MAP, ETC) thank you

  4. texas says:

    downloadlink is not working please make new, is this with TSM working? thanks

  5. Jerry090460 says:

    Congratulation for the awesome job, cheers and thanks for the release ! 🙂

  6. Theosz says:

    . exe?

    no thanks,

    please, reupload with .scs

  7. iiPrazzerii says:

    reupload as zip or rar please

  8. paulo says:

    congratulations on the mod, very good, please let him compatible and complement to other maps (TSM, MARIOMAPA, PROMODS, ETC) will get much better and so leaving the game with more challenges. thank you

    • darex2521 says:

      A którą mape Mario użyć żeby działala na 1. 20 .Prosze o pomoc dziękuje .

  9. rapidshare32 says:

    Install the WIN7: Users/Name/Documents/Euro truck simulator 2/mod folder

  10. Angelo says:

    No .exe files please. Do an scs or rar file. Thanks.

  11. sakis says:

    Macedonia is Greek

  12. roy says:

    why an exe?. Dont you realise its risky to install exes from unknown sources

  13. bik_san says:

    Extract the exe file on your desktop, there will be two files SCS.

  14. Beth says:

    Very Nice. Do You Plan To Add More Cities From The Balkans? 🙂

  15. Beth says:

    Is It Standalone Or Does It Work With Other Maps?

  16. SlavikSD says:

    With ProMods not working – crash.
    With MHAPro works, no connection Sardinia. Has Map of Finland

  17. wegger says:

    .scs please

  18. geoff1 says:

    can you add vdeo please and more info

  19. Beth says:

    Very Nice Map. There Are A Few Red Texture Not Found But Otherwise Great Map 🙂

  20. nmgsyp says:

    00:08:27.728 : Missing sign template definition sign_templ.459

    game crashed !

  21. mike says:

    skopia is not Makedonia

  22. alin says:

    The map hell did you do, it gives me the game crash !!! DO IT AGAIN !!! If you do one thing, make it properly without giving crash.

    • rapidshare32 says:

      There are other map modes? If so you’ll have conflict

  23. Theosz says:

    in my pc have many errors using only this mod:

    a) red buildings, in Budapeste for example;
    b) looking the map, via [M] key, some roads, is missing like close sarayevo
    c) some parts in service place are red like chairs.
    d) AI traffic created from walls,
    e) roads that finish in wall!!! (???) and AI traffic cars, etc ‘walk’ thru there

    reading the others comments it ssems that this map was sharing without any tests and checking game.log.txt. OMG.

  24. Polaris says:

    ETS2 has Crashd!!!!!!!!!!
    This mod is using ScandinaviaDLC?

    • rapidshare32 says:

      There is no context in Scandinavia with DLC. The going east is associated with dlc

  25. rapidshare32 says:

    Everyone writes what are the errors and will be corrected.

  26. EminAjra says:

    men i have windows 10 but not working whyyy ?!

  27. izBLUE says:

    Because its easy to start here a conflict first learn these and then speak
    a) Macedonians were Greeks, they believed in the same gods,
    b )they used the same tongue Greek, and they shared with the other Greeks the same vows to the gods.,
    c) Macedonians participate in Olympic games who strictly only Greeks could participate. d) Slavs came to Balkans 9 centuries after Alexanders death.
    e) In the 9th Century, two Greek brothers and monks, Cyril and Methodius, illuminated them on orthodoxy and taught them their Slavic language. Cyril is credited with inventing the Cyrillic alphabet, thereby providing a tool for the Slavs to learn to write their own tongue. Accordingly, the Slavs cannot and do not have any historical connection before the 6th Century nor any political bond prior to the 9th Century. The Macedonians existed in Greece over three millennia before.

  28. ThatOneAlbanian says:

    Montenegro? [Podgorica, Tuzi]

  29. Beth says:

    Would Love An Update For This. I Know It’s Been A Long Time

  30. ETS LOVer says:

    i wonter if it ist comptabile wit ets 2 1.27 or1.30 version please reply

  31. damir says:

    kada če netko napraviti hrvatsku mapu da se normalno lijepi sa dlc igrom a ne da moraš iči na jeb. promod pa vezati sto mapa molim vas da mi to odgovorite hvala
    damba iz osijekapozz!!!!!!!!

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