Europe Rebuilding map v1.01


See video for detail info.
Author: satan19990


45 Responses to Europe Rebuilding map v1.01

  1. gavin says:

    its the same as the 1st

  2. Michael says:

    looks cool, can you show screenshots of the standart map and this

  3. soner says:

    I dont make this mod. Can you help me please ?

    • STRAJO says:


  4. Michael says:

    I have two months as I can not draw myself skin for the truck, and then make the map

  5. Eirik says:

    does I need the both part?

  6. Kalsa says:

    I can’t dezip… Need 2nd part but i have it 🙁

  7. johny says:

    je tam aji zima

  8. TFM says:

    Jeebus, don’t they know you can turn down the flyspeed in the cfg file?

    That video gave me an epileptic fit.

  9. A High Hamster says:

    how do you unpack this it makes no sence!

  10. David King says:

    2 parts? Why 2 parts? Video is so jerky can not really tell anything from it. More of a description other than watch video is needed like why is there 2 parts, do you need them both, and do you have to eliminate old Europe rebuilding file to use this one.

  11. fabricen says:

    Just rename the second file [MAP-ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.02_01.rar and it works.

    • Pierre says:

      sa me fait pété un plomb meme avec sa sa marche pas et j ai télécharger les 2 partie sa me rend fou !!!!!

    • Dada says:

      Yes, rename the second file [MAP-ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.01_02.rar to [MAP-ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.02_01.rar and it works …

      • Pierre says:

        Merci Beaucoup

      • Pierre says:

        Par Contre la 2 eme parti je n’arrive toujour pas a la dĂ©comprĂ©sser c’est tout un enfer cette map !!!!

  12. human says:

    Yes why is file in two files to download

  13. human says:

    Is safe I delete scs file name this : [MAP-ETS2]

  14. Pierre says:

    Pouvez-vouz m’expliquer parce que quand j’extrait les fichier il me disent ( VOUS DEVEZ POSSEDER LE VOLUME SUIVANT POUR CONTINUER L’EXTRACTION )

    • carlos santos says:
      Download 318mb.Comigo worked to extract does not give error.
      I hope to help

    • rene6442 says:

      A ce moment, il est indiquer parcourir, vous selectionnez le deuxiĂšme fichiers et il continura l extraction sans soucis

    • VALIX says:

      1. Vous devez telecharger les deux fiches dans le meme dossier.
      2. Vous devez changer le nom du “[MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding v1.01_02.rar” dans “[MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding v1.02_01.rar”.
      3. Vous devez selecter les deux fiches.
      4. Avec les deux fiches selectees, vous devez faire un clic droit sur eux et vous devez chiosir “extraire ici”.
      Ca va marcher.

      P.S. Pardonnez mon francais, je suis de la Roumanie…

  15. Baba says:

    be careful with the new SCS update / patch

    youÂŽre never can play the old maps

    read this

  16. Dada says:

    SCS wrote:
    “Existing maps in older formats need to be loaded in the editor and re-saved before they can be used.”

  17. human says:

    I got those errors, why I get those and is someone else same

    00:06:19.893 : [dx9] Failed to create 2D texture. [0x8876086c]
    00:06:19.893 : [dx9] Failed to create texture in hw_load().
    00:06:19.893 : FIXME: Texture update failed (/model/sign/reflective_post_universal_1_1.tobj)
    00:06:19.893 : [dx9] Failed to create 2D texture. [0x8876086c]
    00:06:19.893 : [dx9] Failed to create texture in hw_load().

  18. HJV says:

    Hi Satan 19990,when you upload a map or any mods why can’t you give us proper instructions how to install and what are the changes to your first release,or what to do with the previous version and why does it come in 2 parts.Makes no sense!!!Would be nice to here from you.
    Regards HJV

  19. Pierre says:

    Dada peut tu m’aider pour la 2eme partir parce que je galĂšre franchement !!!!!!

  20. Dada says:

    Download two files:
    1.[MAP ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.01_01.rar
    2.[MAP ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.01_02.rar, rename this file to [MAP ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.02_01.rar, then Extract:
    [MAP ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.01_01.rar and
    [MAP ETS2] Rebuilding Europe v1.02_01.rar, is ok ?

    • human says:

      I dont understand why are 2 files to download. You cant put it one file this to download and dont be do that rename and extract too much

  21. David King says:

    I am not as computer savy as some of the rest of you so renaming and doing this or that is too confusing so i will do it the easy way and get rid of any Europe rebuilding map and when he can simplify things and put it in English for those of us that speak English i will try it again maybe

  22. Balan Ionut says:

    I have Crush error every time when i go on the new portion of the map (poland) !!! sad ! delete !!!!

  23. Peti 1986 says:

    Please link compatible no speed limit mod!!

    • Wisnu indonesia says:

      me to, speed my truck isn’t more than 90 kmh. and all mod about speed can’t work in here!

  24. GTH DK says:

    great map, satan19990, i have some crashdown, but i restart my PC and all work’s exxl.

  25. romain says:

    3 bugs maps sur 3 routes diffĂ©rentes en Pologne 🙁

    Les traits verts sont les dĂ©viations que l’on peut emprunter, malheureusement sur l’une d’elle bug map..

  26. romain says:

    Vraiment déçu, cette map n’est pas du tout au point!!

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