Europe Reskin 1.1

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Europe Reskin 1.1

For ETS2 1.40


Europe Reskin is a graphic modification that revamps the older parts of the original ETS2 world (base map and Going East DLC). This mod aims to replace the old SCS assets like road textures, terrain textures and vegetation (trees and grass) with newer ones from the latest SCS DLCs to date. Terrain textures and trees are carefully chosen to reflect their respective climate and location on the game world.

This mod should work with ProMods and other map mods out there, as well as other graphics mods, but caution is advised.

Bear in mind that this is a free, voluntary project.


– Austria
– Belgium
– Czech Republic
– Luxembourg
– Netherlands
– Switzerland
– UK


– Hungary
– Poland
– Slovakia

Europe Reskin is proudly non-profit. However, if you enjoy the mod and want to show your appreciation with a small donation, you can do it here:


NEW in 1.1: New road textures, new terrain textures, new vegetation.

DLCs needed: Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea and Iberia.

INSTALLATION: Extract “Europe Reskin 1.1.scs” to “Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod”. Activate the mod when launching the game.

SCS Forum:




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8 thoughts on “Europe Reskin 1.1

  1. #### Hobo

    Any chance we could watch a video of this? Thx

    1. Waiting for someone to make a review video and after that it will be posted here. Clumsy, for example, will make it soon.

      Until then, check the forum pictures.

      1. S.e.x.y Hobo

        Thank you sir. I’m already trying your mod. I’ll try and make a video

        1. Thank you too!

  2. Hello Mirfi, nice to hear from you! I am playing 1.38 so I will integrate your updates from 1.37 into 1.38 vegetation file. even without a video I am sure you did a good job! thanks. old vegetation is awful 😀
    I will save this link now in case you will reply and keep in contact as I am no longer on the forum (long story) and I am no longer updating my games (no more DLCs and thus no more financial support to SCS)

    1. Hi Cipinho! Nice hearing from you too! I’m sorry to hear you’re no longer on the forums.

  3. Too good to be true! Amazing work Mirfi, still remember your Romania map from old times, not sure if you continue that as well or embedded in PM.

    Not sure why i couldnt find this on scs forum but amazing I found it here – thanks!!!

  4. 00:14:54.527 : [mods] Unknown category ‘others’ defined for Europe Reskin. Ignoring.
    00:14:54.527 : [mods] No valid categories defined for Europe Reskin. Setting defaults

    Please fix this

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