Europe – Turkey Map v 1.0 BETA

Europe - Turkey Map (2) Europe - Turkey Map (3) Europe - Turkey Map (1)

Europe – Turkey Map for 1.18 – 1.19 Game versions



37 Responses to Europe – Turkey Map v 1.0 BETA

  1. geoff1 says:

    video please

  2. 06_Jenia_99 says:

    Compatible with TSM MAP v6.0.1.7?

    • sunnoco says:

      Yes it is. I’ll write down (for all users) all compatible add-on maps.

  3. densejereje says:

    Compatible with DLC scaninavia?

  4. geoff1 says:

    i dont know waiting for the author to put video up

  5. nebsi says:

    Map is only Comp with Scsmap and Russian Addon.
    The new town´s in hungary has no entrys but added Serbia with 2 cities and turkey with mor then 10

  6. zh8870666 says:

    Excuse me, is an independent map or compatible map?

    • sunnoco says:

      It’s an add-on map, so it’s compatible with ETS2 default map (Going East and Scandinavia) and other add-on maps (TSM, EAA etc).

  7. geoff1 says:

    can any other map be added like promods ,tsm map 6 and where is connecting roads from video please

  8. Alexis61200 says:

    Bonjour compatible avec mario map?? 10.2

    • kisscool says:

      vue ou sont placer les villes il y a peut de chance car sur la mario 10.2 version 1.18 il y a déjà des villes

  9. Foego says:

    Compatibile with ProMods and PR?

  10. geoff1 says:

    can we have different video as saw same boarder crossing 3 times

  11. nmgsyp says:

    No production finished on the upload? all Roads are Not through …………

  12. ACAB says:

    The card appears with TSM6.0 + Rusmap (no crash) but there is no road connected for to pass through Turkey. Also no jobs available from europe to Turkey.

    Thanks anyway.

    Will wait for the next update, if u can make it compatible with TSM it could be good guys.

  13. geoff1 says:

    can ypu cornfirm which maps are compatable

  14. sat_komando says:


  15. sunnoco says:

    First of all, EXCELLENT WORK, guys! Congratulations! It’s a great add-on map! With a few errors in log file and also with a few unlinked roads, but it’s acceptable, because it’s your first version and also it’s a beta version. Thank you so much for sharing. It works in 1.19.2 even if will mess a little with Pecz and a little part from TSM (they share the same sectors)…
    That’s why, my advice (if it’s not much for you, of course) it’s to copy only your sectors in editor (your cities, roads etc), and then open again in editor ETS 2 default map and just paste it to another sector (a little further to the right then you have it now), without any alteration to ETS 2 default map. Then, just add a ferry to one of your city, connected with any ferry from default map (first, you’ll need to add a ferry in def, then on map; don’t forget to rebuild your map after this) .
    Like this, you’ll have a great add-on map compatible all the time with other add-on maps, without any risk of overlap with those ones.
    Of course, this it’s just a tip and it’s up to you. With or without this modification, this is a great map!
    Good luck and keep up the great and hard work.

    Your map works (in 1.19.2) with following add-on maps together (and in this order in manager, without any crash… till now, of course):
    Map_01__Russian_Open_Spaces_part 1_Encrypt.scs
    Map_02__Russian_Open_Spaces_part 2_Def_and_Map.scs
    Map_03__Russian_Open_Spaces_part 3_Model.scs
    Map_04__Rusia_ver_1.4.9_for_ets2_1.18_part 1_def.scs
    Map_05__Rusia_ver_1.4.9_for_ets2_1.18_part 2_map.scs
    Map_06__Rusia_ver_1.4.9_for_ets2_1.18_part 3_model_encrypt.scs
    Map_07__EAA V2.6.2_for_ets2_1.19.2_encrypt.scs
    Map_08__TSM_6.0_part 1_def&mat.scs
    Map_09__TSM_6.0_part 2_map.scs
    Map_10__TSM_6.0_part 3_model_01.scs
    Map_11__TSM_6.0_part 4_model_02.scs
    Map_12__TSM_6.0_part 5_model_03.scs
    Map_13__TSM_6.0_part 6_prefab&more.scs
    Map_14__Small Base in Poznan.scs

    Personally, to avoid any conflict, I enabled maps (in manager) only after AI traffic mod and other mods.
    Anyway, with Turkey map enabled, you’ll have a few unlinked roads on ETS 2 default map (right and bottom on Pecz) and also on TSM map (same, right and bottom). So, you can enable this map only after you drove all those sectors from ETS 2 map and TSM or… you can wait the next patch of Turkey map.
    Of course, except EAA map, MHA, Small baze in Poznan and Turkey map, the other maps must be upgraded to 1.19.2 (only def file: ferry, road_look.sii etc), because many of them are for 1.18. You’ll still have errors in log file (missing models, signs etc), but at least you can play those maps and the game will not crash…. Or, same as previous, you can wait till their creators upgrade them to 1.19.
    Good luck to all and drive safe.

  16. geoff1 says:

    so this mainly works for 1.18 i try it with promods and see how other mods go with it thanks for info

    • sunnoco says:

      Your welcome geoff1. I never played promods, because, every time I tried to play it, the game crash. Also, because I like it so much TSM map and EAA map. But, maybe I’ll give it a try also to promods with poland rebuilding (which I heard it’s also a great map).
      Btw, Promods, works combined with what maps?

      • andrew says:

        sunnoco, Promods & Poland Rebuilding both work together with __Rusia_ver_1.4.9_for_ets2_1.18_. Also I started your in turkey but no job going out going into Turkey, also the roads in the Hungary map the are no connections for your map.

        • sunnoco says:

          Thank you Andrew for your info and also sorry for this late answer, but I’m stuck to finish my six levels underground parking for my map and I forgot to check this forum.
          Personally, I never played Promods, because, in the past, every time I tried to play it, the game crash. Maybe now, it’s all fixed and I’ll give it a try. So, once again, thank you so much for your info and have a great weekend, Andrew.

      • sc skinner says:

        thank you sunnoco

  17. Vlad says:

    I need a new profile to works?

    • sunnoco says:

      You don’t need to make new profile for this map and also for any ADD-ON maps, Vlad. ;)… That’s why I like so much add-on map, because we don’t need to make new profile all the time. In my manager, I have only one profile for playing and one profile for testing my models and my map.

  18. Steve says:

    Nothing different. So boring. Doesnt even look like turkey.

    • sunnoco says:

      Steve, boring or not, at least you can encourage them for their effort and time (because maps takes too long time, effort and imagination to build and populate them)!;)… And even if it’s a “boring” map in your opinion (“de gustibus non est disputandum”, of course), at least you can appreciate the fact that, with Turkey map also, our default ETS 2 map increase its size, which it’s marvelous, in my opinion!;)… In my opinion, it would be nice to have entire world map. ;)…
      So, my question for you, Steve, is: why don’t you try to make your own map and then you’ll see how “easy” it is to do it, even if you’ll choose the copy-paste method, instead of building one from scratch, after your own ideas?!. ;)… To build a map it’s like in chess game: it’s easy when you just watch a chess game… and… become… not so easy when you’ll start to play a chess game! 😉
      So, let’s encourage them (all moders, not just map builders), at least for their time and effort, and never discourage them, even if a mod it’s a bad one. Always be objective in all your comments:just report errors in log file / crash mod and don’t comment when a mod doesn’t suit your desire (like this, you’ll avoid to discourage moders to fix or share their mods)!
      Especially, don’t forget: almost all mods from here are FREE!;)… So… at least, only for this we should thank them and don’t discourage them!;)…

      • JoachimK says:

        That´s right, I am always happy to get good Map-Add-Ons. And I respect the work to this. And give to the Community.

        We do Trailers and send them also to the Community. And I mean, before writing “boring”, it is better to help the Author reporting bugs or give some Ideas, how to do something better. That´s my way.

        With this Map I find out, to give very low Priority ( in ModManager. On this way I got back Greece with his Towns and some Routes to go to Turkey.. And I wait until a new Update calm and driving.

        We do all our Mods in our free Time, so everybody should be happy to got Extensions or other Mods.


  19. cuncuneyt says:

    hocam tsm map te bazı yolların eksilmesine sebep oluyor. özellikle yunanistan kısmında. yine türkiye haritası içinde de… bu hatalarda giderilirse kusursuz olur. eline sağlık.

    bro, this mode some causes on tsm map, especially in greece. and some causes on turkey map too… if you solve these causes this mod will be perfect. thanks…

  20. JLN says:

    I added this map to the base game + going east + going north.
    I was doing a run from (what ever the name of the far North-West city is) sorry I don’t remeber to somewhere in Sweeden. When I get on the ferry @ Gdansk, I get a CTD when I arrive at my port destination.
    Any Ideas?
    Amanda & John

  21. paulo says:

    please leave it compatible with mario map , thank you

  22. Roger says:

    Can you help please as i cannot connect from the default Europe map to the road to Turkey at Bratislava, there are arrows blocking the road, ets2 v 1.18.

    Great map running in Turkey,

    Appreciate any help, thanks, Roger UK.

  23. bener says:

    öncelikle harita çok güzel olmuş…çalışmada emeği geçen herkezin eline ve bilgisine sağlık…bir sorum olacak; gerçi bu işlerde hiç belliolmaz ama harita acaba aşağı yukarı ne zaman tamamlanır?…cevaplarsanız sevinirim…

  24. Dragonsen says:

    Great adding, thank you for your work.
    But I have this incomplete area with TSM 6.0. Will it be fixed ?

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