Europe & Turkey Map v 3.1

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one for DLC one for normal game

for game update 1.24.x
V3.1 Sürümünde sürümüne uyarlama yapildi çesitli hatalar giderildi Aydin – Mugla – Fethiye Sehirleri Eklendi.

NEW CITYS : Aydin – Mugla – Fethiye
Venedik İle Trieste Arasına Feribot Seferi eklendi.
Venice with Trieste as Ferry added

Aydın – Muğla – Fethiye Şehirleri Eklendi.
Venedik İle Trieste Arasına Feribot Seferi eklendi.


( sorry for bad english )
*compatible with RUSMAP + DLC ( going east – Skandinavia )
*Budapest – Szeged road completed with our map
*Edirne – Salzburg train was added again
*Ancona – Izmir Cesme ferries added
*Roma ( IT ) city added to the map
* NEW CITYS : Samsun – İzmir – Roma-Ordu – Tokat – Amasya – Çorum
*Company – Trailer – Depot – Navigation Logo also DLC company – Trailer – Depot – Navigation Logo changed to turkish Company
* Gas Station has changed to Turkish & Europe Gas Station
BP – OPET – Petrol Ofisi – OMV – ESSO – ARAL – TEXACO and more
* inlet and outlet of the Istanbul Bosphorus bridge tolls added.
V2.6 –》NEW CITY name is Yalova
V2.5 –》new city name is Kırklareli & we have new street from europe to turkey this is small and dangerous
V2.0 – V2.1 –》cities of other countries on the way from Europe to Turkey to Zagreb, Belgrade, Nis, Sofia
addet rail service from Salzburg to Edirne
Scandinavia DLC
Authors: SC SKINNER – Levent Yilmaz
SC SKINNER – Levent Yilmaz

Author: SC SKINNER – Levent Yilmaz


21 Responses to Europe & Turkey Map v 3.1

  1. optimus says:


    • Mike says:

      as this is for 1.24 and ProMods isn’t ready for that one yet, I believe the answer is NO

      • JoachimK says:

        For Information:

        – TSM 6.3 is not complete finished and they say, that you may not have actually other Maps in your ModFolder.
        For more Information go to the Site of TSM-Map

        – ProMods also, there is until now no Patch for 1.24
        For more Information go to the Site of ProMods

        So it´s only for Standard-Map at this Moment.

        =is it compatible with version 1.5?=
        What do you mean? Patch 1.5? When yes, surely not,
        we are at 1.24 !

  2. xcalifguy says:

    There is only one download link! Sadece bir indirme baglantısı var.

  3. AzeMan says:

    Yaxsi kartadir,+REEEP

  4. usman hamsafar says:


  5. nektarios says:

    that’s includes the greece????

  6. vagtam says:

    is work with TSM?


  7. arion90 says:

    With mhapro+RusMap ???? ist it working ???

  8. Terra says:

    @nektarios – no, only countries without debt. 😀

  9. rob says:

    not compatible with tsm such a shame

    • Scandinavie011 says:

      Cette map pour euro truck simulator 2 scandinavie version s et compatible avec l’installation des pays,et des villes

  10. Kurniawan Luthfi says:

    is it compatible with version 1.5?

  11. molivos says:

    not compatible with tsm …promods ..mphapro … ;-(((

  12. marjan says:

    not realy map

  13. Bruno32600 says:

    cette map fais planté le jeux quand on selectionne l’achat des camions

  14. Robert says:

    Works fine with Promods 2.03 and Rusmap 2.03 just don’t add the definition file in the active mods.

  15. Robert says:

    Roma (Rome) is bad made. Crashed by roads connections Promods and Rusmap. There some bugs in the map.
    Tunnel from Turkey to Austria is awesome.

  16. Onur Ertas says:

    Abi yük alma yerine girdigim zaman oyun kapaniyor lütfen su durumu hallet

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