Europe & Turkey Map v2.5


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V2.0 – V2.1 –》cities of other countries on the way from Europe to Turkey to Zagreb, Belgrade, Nis, Sofia
addet rail service from Salzburg to Edirne
Scandinavia DLC
V2.5 –》new city name is Kırklareli & we have new street from europe to turkey this is small and dangerous

Credits : SC SKINNER – Levent Yilmaz



21 thoughts on “Europe & Turkey Map v2.5

  1. Too sad it’s neither compatible with TSM nor ProMods.

    1. Imperial Judgement

      You don’t have to activate ProMods or TSM on the profile you are gonna play this map on.

  2. video ?

  3. need DLC scandinavia???

    1. Adamisch123

      Yes it needs it.

      1. is it compatible with any other map mods at all? If it’s not compatible with tsm or promods, is it compatible with any others? I for one use MHA map mod

  4. Dosen’t work… There are many mistakes

  5. Marcel1801

    Add-on or Standalone?

    1. Marcel1801

      or does it work with Promods or TSM?

  6. Please add promods compatibility

  7. compatibility with ProMods?

  8. Sonunda Kırklareli 🙂

  9. 06_Jenia_99

    EAA V2.8.3 +Европа & Турция Карта v2.5

  10. Владимир

    Чё в Сербии серьёзно такие дороги? (я про подъёмы и спуски)

  11. works with tsm and rusmap??

    1. José Lauro

      TSM no, Rusmap, yes, open spaces, yes, baltic countries, yes, korea and R.O.C. yes. Only TSM doesn’t work.

    1. Thanks!

  12. pfff. Just bad..

  13. Andrew Reader

    does it work with Promods?

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