Europolice by Solaris36

Mod adds to traffic police Fiat Ducato in 39 countries: Finland, Albania, Estonia, Russia, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, France, Germany, Moldova, Spain, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with other traffic mods.
Changes: adaptation for patch 1.42.x
For game version 1.42.x



2 thoughts on “Europolice by Solaris36

  1. Kolay gelsin
    2 çeşit araç olursa iyi olur

  2. Jürgen Stephan

    Hi Solaris,

    vielen Dank für deine Euro Police die ich sehr mag. Jetzt gibt es endlich eine neue angepasste Version (V5) aber leider haben die Fahrzeuge kein Blaulicht und keine Sirene. Wirst du das auch noch machen?

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