Europolice by Solaris36

Mod adds to traffic police Fiat Ducato in 39 countries: Finland, Albania, Estonia, Russia, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, France, Germany, Moldova, Spain, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with other traffic mods.
Changes: adaptation for patch 1.41.x
For game version 1.41.x



6 thoughts on “Europolice by Solaris36

  1. thx. is it possible update the taxi traffic pack by skleroza? it looks like he is retired by moding

  2. emekli oyuncu

    take it easy, your police mode is very nice, can both the turkish police and the turkish gendarmerie be in the same mode, I wonder if a yellow taxi can be made for turkey, thanks

  3. ItalianoGT

    I cannot see these vehicles in the traffic

  4. Rafaelkai

    The same would be nice for ambulances

  5. hi solaris i want to contact you regarding a mapping project.

  6. Hello Solaris, will the police also be back with blue lights and sirens?

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